Ran Out of Weekdays – Availability Update for Mar 7, 2016

Hello everyone,

Well, we ran out of days in our week to get everything done. I am going to come in tomorrow to get the pictures and do the blog post. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your understanding.

On the upside the availability is updated. Mostly. I still need to add a few items.

Updated 2:41 pm 3-5-16

J6 Annuals

J6 ageratum and dusty miller 3-5-16J6 alyssum 3-5-16J6 begonias 1 3-5-16J6 begonias 2 3-5-16J6 begonias 3 3-5-16J6 celosia 3-5-16J6 coleus 3-5-16J6 dianthus 3-5-16J6 marigolds 3-5-16J6 petunias 3-5-16J6 portulaca 1 3-5-16J6 portulaca 2 3-5-16

1801 Annuals

1801 ageratum 3-5-161801 dianthus 3-5-161801 hypoestes 3-5-161801 mix  green begonia 3-5-161801 mix bronze begonia 3-5-161801 red bronze begonia 3-5-161801 rose bronze begonia 3-5-161801 rose green begonia 3-5-161801 salvia 3-5-161801 snapdragons 3-5-16

Some of the perennials have buds and color.

1qt alyssum golen spring 3-4-161qt leucanthemum 3-4-161qt salvia heatwave blaze 3-4-161qt salvia mystic spires 3-4-161qt scabiosa harlequin blue 3-4-161qt sedum lemon ball 3-4-16

#4.5 Prem Annuals

4.5in blackie ipomoea 3-4-164.5in margarite ipomoea 3-4-164.5in mexican heather 3-4-164.5in sencio mandralis blue 3-4-164.5in yellow osteo 3-4-16

#4 Peace Farm Organics

4in peace farm organics 1 3-4-164in peace farm organics 2 3-4-164in peace farm organics 3 3-4-164in peace farm organics 4 3-4-16

#6 Annuals – the waves shown are from the first crop. The Wave inventory has the next crop (Buds and some Buds/Light Color) included in it. The second crop should be colored up in most colors by Wednesday.

6in marigolds 3-4-166in wave petunias 1 3-4-166in wave petunias 2 3-4-166in geraniums 3-5-166in kong coleus 3-5-16

#10 baskets – these are just the ones that we could easily get pictures of.

10in calliope geranium bskt 3-4-1610in fuchsia bskt 3-4-1610in blu wave petunia bskt 3-4-1610in great lakes mix wave petunia bskt 3-4-1610in coral caliente geranium bskt 3-5-1610in impatiens bskt 3-5-1610in lavender caliente geranium bskt 3-5-1610in wave bksts 3-5-16

#12 deco Confetti Garden

12in deco hilo confetti 3-4-1612in deco waer wheel confetti 3-4-16

1801 Deluxe Annuals – accent plants

1801 plumosus fern 3-4-161801 setcreasea 3-4-161801 vinca majoe 3-4-161801 ajuga 3-5-161801 english ivy 3-5-161801 ivy 3-5-16

Charley’s Vegetables and Herbs

4in eggplant and pepper 1 3-5-164in herbs 3-5-164in pepper and eggplant 1 3-5-161204 eggplant and pepprs 3-5-161204 jalapeno peppers 3-5-161204 tomatoes 3-5-16

1G Perennials

1g clematis 1 3-5-161g clematis 2 3-5-161g clematis 3 3-5-161g guacamole hosta 2 3-5-16

1801 Stepables

1801 stepables 1 3-5-161801 stepables 2 3-5-161801 stepables 3 3-5-161801 stepables 4 3-5-16

#6 Confetti Gardens – they don’t have much color now but I listed them anyway.

6in confetti denim blues 3-4-166in confetti glossy strawberry 3-4-166in confetti pirates beauty 3-4-166in confetti pismo beach 3-4-166in confetti rockin red 3-4-166in confetti shocking purple 3-4-16

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