Ready List for Next Week (May 12)

Here is the new list.  We have a new planting of wave petunia baskets that are finally ready.  We also added lantana baskets that were late getting ready.  We have two more plantings of J6 impatiens coming on but other than that all of our J6 inventory is in the system.  The same is true for the 1204’s.  There are three plantings of #6 waves that are not ready yet.  The first of the three should be ready in about 7-10 days.  We also have more #4 and #4.5 plantings coming on as well as a few more plantings of various baskets.  There are also 400+ Black Eyed Susan baskets that I missed getting on this list that are also available.

As usual, I will be double checking number and doing some physical inventories of several items tomorrow and be posting an updated list Saturday with some pictures.

Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day.


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