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Is Our Sweet Corn GMO?

As you may or may not know, we are pre-selling our annual sweet corn and purple hull peas that will be ready in July. The corn should be ready mid-July and the purple hull peas will be ready around the end of July. Since we are getting the “GMO” question…

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Ozark Beauty Strawberries

Our Ozark Beauty Strawberries are ready now. They even have small strawberries on them. Ozark Beauty Strawberries are ever bearing strawberries which means that they produce strawberries consistently through the spring. They will produce some off and on in the summer and then again some in the fall. The strawberries…

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Garden-Ready Grafted Tomatoes Yield More & Better

The hottest trend in vegetable gardening these days is actually an old-time favorite: heirloom tomatoes. This revived interest stems from the search for the standout flavor from days of old. But as even the most seasoned gardeners know, it can be challenging to produce a modest harvest of a traditional…

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Visiting Dallas

Hey everyone, Been a while since I posted. Things have been really busy. We are in Dallas for a few days working vendor days for the Calloways Nursery stores. We are showing off some of our new stuff that we have in the works for this spring. We work up…

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Help is in the Medicine Cabinet

I love finding new, exciting and EASY ways to help an ailing plant or garden.  Easy ‘medicine’ for my plants is a big thing for me.  If it takes a lot of work, I’m probably just going to let that plant die and buy a new one.  (Shhh…don’t tell Jason…

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Minty Fresh Breath…In the Garden

Minty Fresh doesn’t have to refer to just your toothpaste anymore.  Now you can catch a breath of minty fresh air in your garden too.  Mint is a hardy perennial that is determined to grow.  Some sites will say if you are notorious for killing every plant you touch, then…

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