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Memories in the Poinsettias

Can you believe it’s less than 6 weeks until Christmas???  I’m almost positive yesterday it was just July!  This year has just flown by.  And it’s that time of year when we start pondering things like Christmas cards and Christmas pictures. Well this year, let us take the guess work…

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Recycling Your Pool Water??? Yeah, we can do that!

This morning when I woke up, I realized Summer might actually be coming to end when that 50 degree temp had me jumping up to grab another blanket before I froze to death.  Hard to believe we were in triple digits just last week.  But that’s Arkansas for you.  And…

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Gardening Without the Sizzle

I’m hot.  Are you hot?  I think it might be hot outside. Once upon a time, I remember praying that the sun would come out again.  Now I’m frowning at the sun for being my mortal enemy.  And my vegetable plants are talking about staging a revolt against Mother Nature….

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My mom taught me a long time ago to share.  And believe it or not, I like to share.  It’s fun.  But when it comes to my yard and my house, I refuse to share…with snakes.  Because unlike my young friend Clara here, I’m not real comfortable sharing my personal…

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Lots of Veggies in a Little Space

Fresh veggies are in.  Look around.  It seems like everyone everywhere is growing some sort of veggie garden this year.  I dream of a giant garden, with rows upon rows of flourishing vegetables and herbs.  In my mind, I’m a superior gardener with acres of land waiting to be cultivated…

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Got Milk….Jugs???

I love the idea of having a giant garden.  The very aspect of being overwhelmed with fresh veggies or stunning flowers just makes me grin.  I don’t, however, like the idea of spending countless hours holding a garden hose while I painstakingly go from plant to plant to make sure…

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Composting for Beginners

We all like to fertilize our gardens. It sort of makes us feel good, like in some small way we helped our budding plants become the bountiful harvest we always knew they could be if they just set their minds to it.  And we also like to do things we…

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The Planting Itch

You saw the sun didn’t you?  Dug out a pair of shorts and a comfortable t-shirt and even contemplated wearing flip-flops too huh?  And then you went outside to enjoy that wonderful warm weather only to catch a disappointing glimpse of your withered flower garden.  And the planting itch set…

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Fall Flower Bed Roundup

Every year we plant pansies, violas and other fall plants in the flower beds in front of our office. I wanted to do a post about how they performed. First all you need to know that we had an exceptionally cold winter with several weeks at or below freezing. Among…

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