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Okra Salad

It’s Okra Season!  And if you’re like us, you’re picking it left and right.  And after frying it day after day, we thought you might like a new recipe for your okra.  This is Claudette’s Special Okra Salad.  It’s simple, refreshing, and oh so delicious!  Happy Eating!!! Ingredients: Chopped okra,…

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What Do You Think Of The New Black Petunias?

New this year from BALL are three varieties of Black Petunias.  Apparently they got a lot of attention at the OFA show and one variety, Black Velvet, won the Greenhouse Grower’s Industry Choice Award.  Here are the new varieties Black Velvet (left) and Phantom:   And Pinstritpe: All of these…

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We Have a Winner!!!!

It wasn’t easy choosing between our entries, but we have finally declared a winner!  Congrats to Tina for her Flower Garden entry!  Don’t forget to come out and claim your $20 Gift Certificate!  See you at the Greenhouse!!!

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Fall Tomatoes Are Here!!!

Yes, it’s Summer.  Yes, it’s HOTTTT.  And yes, we are plum crazy to already be planning for the Fall in the middle of a heat wave.  But hey, what true gardener isn’t a little crazy?  While we relish in the spoils of our current crops, somewhere in those wild brains…

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The Flower Garden Showdown!

Hey all you gardeners, it’s time to show off your skills in our first ever Flower Garden Showdown!  Grab your trusty camera and take a spectacular shot of your flower bed creations.  Then drop it in an email to us complete with your name and phone number, and you just…

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It’s Hip to be Green

When my little boy presented me with my Mother’s Day gift this year, I was tickled pink.  It was a beautifully handwritten book of all his thoughts and ideas.  Every page had a different topic and beneath each header were little snippets from the mind of an eight year old. …

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Are You Gonna Eat that Pickle???

Come on, I know you remember that adorable little girl asking her daddy if he was going to eat the last pickle right?  It was one of my favorite commercials growing up.  And to this day, every time I hear the word pickle, I remember that same silly commercial.  Aww…

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Walking the Gardening Tight Rope

Sometimes Gardening can feel like a circus.  All your perfect little flowers lined up and ready to perform, and then suddenly they get performance anxiety and shy away from reaching their full potential while you’re stuck walking the tight rope and trying to make this year’s circus act the best…

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Everything is Better with Garlic

Watch any cooking show on TV and you’re almost certain to see Garlic used in just about every recipe.  Flip over to a Health Channel, and you’re liable to hear a blurb or two about the medicinal properties found in Garlic too.  And we all know that Garlic is a…

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