Tricolor Rhoeo

Tricolor Rhoeo has many names – Moses in the Boat, Moses in the Cradle or Oyster Plant. It has sword like leaves and a vase shaped habit. It’s tricolor leaves are green, pink and white.

Rhoeo has good heat tolerance. The short habit makes a good border plant with taller plants in the back or good for backgrounds with trailing plants in the front. It also looks great in container combinations. It’s size, vivid colors and its drought and heat tolerance makes it a great choice for landscapes.

Gardeners and landscapers plant Rhoeo for its foliage color, but it will bloom in the fall with small white blooms.

Rhoeo prefers moist, well-drained soild. Be sure to water regularly until it gets established. Once established, it has good heat and drought tolerance.

Plant in part-sun to full sun 12-15″ apart. Grows 10-14″ tall.

We grow Rhoeo Tricolor in our #4.5 Premium Annual size category.

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