Rolling Along With The Spring

It’s hard to believe that we are already to the middle of April. I look at the a hundred times a day, and it still surprises me that we are into production week 16. Over all everything has gone very well with our production and shipping. There have been some exasperating experiences with people these last couple of weeks and I wish I could share them with you. However, in the interest of privacy and legality, I cannot. I will say that things have not been boring.

The weather cooled off just like we all thought it would. All the warm weather we had in March was just too good not to have a cold snap. Luckily for us, the freeze stayed up north and we just got some cooler temperatures. There hasn’t been much rain to speak of this week, but they are already issuing severe weather alerts for northern Oklahoma and south/south east Kansas. You all be safe around there.

Here are some pictures for you with a little commentary.

zinnias-1801 Zinnias are light on color now (Friday) but should color up by the middle to end of next week.

salvia-evolution-deep-violet I think a lot of you all are hesitating over the Evolution Deep Violet Salvia. There were no Victoria Blue Salvia seed this year and we had to go with the Evolution, but as you can see, it there is not much difference in color.

12in-combo-basekts6 12in-combo-baskets-2

burpless-cucumbers-1204 celosia-J6

calibrachoa-baskets bacopa-basket

charleys-veggies-2 charleys-veggies

color-bowls confetti-garden-6in

cora-vinca-6in dahlias-4.5in

Added Daylilies to the availability this week (listed under PERE #1 DLX)

daylily dianthus-J6

We will have a bunch of Double Wave Petunia Baskets getting ready over the next couple of weeks.

double-impatiens-4.5in double-wave-baskets

dragonwing-begonias geraniums-6in

impatien-baskets impatiens-4in

marigolds-J6 nicotiana-1801

Quart Perennials are looking great and we have added in a few new items!

perennials-qt-2 perennials-qt-5

perennials-qt-7 perennials-qt-15

petunias-J6 stepables

streptocarpella-baskets sun-coleus-4.5in

sunflower-8insq tomatoes-1204

vinca-J6 wave-medley6

wave-petunia-6in wave-petunia-basket7

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