Saturday Ready List Update for May 12

I have updated the numbers for 1204 and #4 Begonias and J6 Red Bronze Begonias. I also added in some water lily numbers.


Here are some pictures as well.

#4 Impatiens and Vinca

#4.5 Angelonia, Lantana, Scaevola and Strobilanthes

Black-eyed Susan Baskets

Lantana Basket

Purslane Baskets (we have more colors than just yellow)

Streptocarpella and Torenia Baskets

Wave Petunia Baskets – all are about this size except for rosey dawn which is a bit smaller and shockwave pink and purple which are bigger

We still have lots of fern baskets available.

#4 21st Century Phlox Patriot Mix

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