surdiva purple scaevola suntory
surdiva white scaevola suntory

Scaevola has unique fan shaped flowers with white and yellow throats. It’s leaves are green with serrated edges. The plants have a semi-trailing habit with blooms all along the trialing stems. This unique looking native of Australia blooms all summer long.

Scaevola likes hot conditions but make sure that the soil drains well when watered. A full sun location is great for them, but they can tolerate some shade as well. Scaevola is perfect for trailing over the side of hanging baskets, containers and window boxes. It also works well in the landscape along borders or spilling over rock walls. In addition to being heat tolerant, they are also drought tolerant.

Plant in full sun 18-28” apart. Grows 6-10” tall and out to 18-24″ wide

We grow Scaevola in our #4.5 Premium Annuals size category and grow the Purple and White.

surdiva purple scaevola suntory
Surdiva Purple
surdiva white scaevola suntory
Surdiva White

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Hanging Baskets

#10 Scaevola Baskets

We grow a Mix Scaevola #10 Hanging Basket. The mix is comprised of Scaevola Blue, Pink and White.

#10 Kwik Kombo Blue Lightning

We also grow the Kwik Kombo Blue Lightning Lantana Scaevola Mix in our #10 Hanging Baskets which is comprised of Blue Scaevola and Yellow Lantana.

lantana scaevola combo


We also use Scaevola as a component in a few of our #12 Combination Baskets and #12 Combination Deco Pots. Follow the links to see Scaevola in our combinations.

Bahama Sky Combo
MixMasters Bloom of Allegiance
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