Shock Wave Petunias

Shock Wave Petunias have a mass of trumpet shaped blooms covering each plant. Shock Wave Petunias feature the same spreading Easy Wave Petunia performance with a fuller, mounded habit and petite flowers in high-voltage colors for any garden space or container.

Each well-branched plant is covered in megawatts of color with 1.5″ to 2″ blooms. The blooms are about half the size of Easy Wave Petunia blooms which lends to a dainty presentation.

The most popular use of Shock Wave Petunias is in containers such as hanging baskets and mixed patio pots. They bounce back faster than other Wave Petunias after a rain or watering. This weather resistance makes them a great choice for landscapes too.

Another outstanding aspect is that they are less prone to developing gaps or empty spots in the center of a container which can be a problem with some monoculture petunia planters and hanging baskets.

Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye is the most unique in the series. It’s blooms vary in color from solid blue-purple to solid white with blue-purple throats. The colors in the bloom patterns will change with the temperature. Temps, PGR and light levels will determine the blooms colors. Based on our experience, blooms will have more white in them early then transition to more blue-purple in late spring and summer.

Plant Shock Wave in full sun 10-15″ apart. They will grow 7-10″ high and spread 15-20″.

We produce Shock Wave Petunias in #6 Deluxe pots and #10 Hanging Baskets size categories.

In the #6 Deluxe we grow Deep Purple, Pink Shades and Purple Tie Dye.

In the #10 Hanging Baskets we grow Deep Purple and Pink Shades.

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