Slow Down

The biggest problem with our industry is that we are trying to do too much or we are trying to do it too quickly.

This has been building for years, but really went into warp speed when the economy started tanking and growers, buyers and garden centers started scrambling to cover lagging sales or sell leftover plants. It peaked last year and is going 500 miles per hour this year. Everyone should take a breath and slow down.

I know what I’m talking about because I need to slow down myself. When you have too much going on and you are behind due to various reasons and you are working on 8 different things at once, you need to slow down. If you don’t, you will either make a mistake, a bad decision or hit that brick wall that says, “You can’t work like this anymore.”

A lot of companies have just wrapped up their fall bookings, are still trying to wrap up their fall booking or are just now thinking about fall bookings. I hate to tell you this but it’s time to work on spring. For a grower to do a good job, fall should have been done months ago. Last minute orders, last minute cancellations, last minute anything doesn’t work when it comes to plants. Plants need time and so do all the people working with them. Slow down, figure out what you need to be successful and make it happen.

Our industry is not one that can operate behind schedule. Getting behind and having to work too quickly is a recipe for problems. Plants can’t be squeezed out of the greenhouse with out planning. Our industry is all about the grower or rather the plants the growers are producing. The manufactures rely on the orders from the growers. The garden centers and consumers rely on the growers for the supply of plants. Why are we trying to work on our schedules when we need to be working on plant’s schedule? Plants are not fast. Slow down.

Rushing around and chasing the latest fad that going to save the industry or your business. Planning and attention to details are the only thing that will work. Everyone got behind three years ago and have not caught up. Face it. You aren’t going to get caught up.

Slow. Down.

The details are what can kill you and the plant business is a business of details. Slow down and pay attention to the details.

Slow down. Get one thing done today then do it again tomorrow.



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