Snap Peas

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Sugar Sprint Snap Peas is an early snap pea variety that sprints to maturity. They produce numerous 3″ long snap peas over an extended period. It is a versatile variety that grows well in a wide variety of conditions and is suitable for fall gardens as well.

Sugar Sprint has good disease resistance and has great heat tolerance. The prolific pods are stringless and the peas are tender and sweet with a good flavor. Snap peas can be eaten straight from the vine or cooked.

Plant in full sun 2-6″ apart in 24-36″ rows. Transplant when the soil temperature is consistently about 40F degrees. Sugar Sprint Peas grow to 26″ tall and require little to no support.

To conserve space in the garden and make for easier harvesting, plant Sugar Sprint in double rows with a trellis between the rows. Sugar Sprint can also be planted in containers.

Sugar Sprint Peas mature in 62 days. Planting transplants should reduce that to 30-45 days from planting the transplants. Pick daily for a continuous harvest.

Be sure to cultivate your pea plants into your soil at the end of the season. They will help adjust the nitrogen in your soil and make for an even better harvest next year.

We grow snap peas in our #4 Charley’s Vegetables size category.

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