Snapdragon Snapshot

Snapshot Snapdragons are covered in brightly colored spikes of blooms. Snapshot foliage is dark green and it’s leaves are small and pointy. The name “Snapdragon” is derived from the shape of the bloom and from the bloom “snapping” when squeezed from the sides.

Snapshot is what is considered a dwarf series of Snapdragons. They do well as borders or in mass plantings. Snapdragons are more often used in the fall as a companion plant to pansies, but they also do well in the spring and summer.

Snapdragons are somewhat cold tolerant. Larger series like Sonnet Snapdragons when planted in the fall will come back and rebloom in the spring. The dwarf series are not as hardy but have been know to survive the winter and rebloom in the spring especially in the South (Hardy Zones 7-9)

Plant in full sun 10-12″ apart. Snapshot will grow 6-10″ tall.

Snapshot Snapdragons are available in J6 (606) flats.

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