So What’s The Deal With The Mums?

You ask and I answer.

I have finally had a chance to get some pictures of the mums and now I can go over where we are at with what we have available.

First up is the #8 Mums.

These first 2 are representative of some of the Grolink varieties that grew straight up and never really branched out well. These are one of my early varieties that have big buds that are ready to pop. They look like they are going to bloom at the same time as my mid-season varieties.

8in-mum1 8in-mum2

These are some mid-season Grolink colors that mounded out nicely and are starting to bloom.

8in-mum7 8in-mum8

This last picture is representative of several varieties that are showing more color but have a considerably smaller head size in comparison to the others pictured.


We are shipping from all of the above and pulling the best that we canto cover the open availability orders while simultaneously holding onto the mums we need to cover those orders that were pre-booked. Trying to keep these separate is about to drive me bonkers.

Now for the #12 Mums.

I have to admit that I took these pictures from my truck with the zoom on my camera so they are not as close up as the #8 mums.

We are basically in the same situation with the #12’s as we are with the #8’s. The early varieties have more color but are smaller (we had a higher loss rate on the early #12 than we did the early #8; it was 115 degrees when we planted that day) which is forcing me to hold on to the later varieties to cover the pre-booked orders. We have mums available but they will have a wide variance in size (medium to nice) as well as a wide variance of bloom stage Buds to some Light Color here and there.

The yellow #12 mums took a harder hit than the other colors. I am holding on to all of them until I can cover the pre-booked orders. We may have some come available at the end of next week.

12in-mum2 12in-mum3


We will also probably have a few #10 mums next week or the week after that we grew as a custom program for a customer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This has been a very challenging mum year but we have been able to pull most of them through. The later blooming may be a benefit due to the dry weather. Hopefully, we will get some more rain soon with some cooler weather that will really get the customers coming in the stores. Please let us know if you have any questions about the mums or wish to see any specific pictures. Thanks again.

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