Spring Has Begun

“What?” you ask.

You heard me. Spring has begun. It has stopped snowing and we sold our first flat of plants this week therefore spring has started. All we have ready now are our cole crops which I talked about last week including our new stuff.

baconHappy Valentine’s Day! If you just now remembered you are in so much trouble…but fear not, George says that you should get her a fern and by happenstance we have some ferns ready now. Unfortunately, we aren’t making deliveries yet so we’re back to how much trouble you are in.

When in doubt, go for the bacon.

Speaking of new stuff, we have added more vegetables to our production this year. To pick out which ones to add we started looking at what kinds of vegetables the grocery stores were carrying. Our reasoning was if they were selling it in the stores then there were probably be people who might want to grow their own.

Ethnic cuisines also weighed on what we decided to add in. As you can see from below, we have picked what might be considered unusual varieties to grow this spring. Marketing these new vegetables in your garden center will be key in how well we all sell these this year.

With such a wide selection to choose from, it will be easy for these new items to get lost in the mix. Maybe an end cap of new vegetables or some other sort of display might be considered when you are getting your benches ready for your first shipment of veggies. Or talk about which ones are good with bacon. When in doubt, go with bacon.

Here are the new vegetables we are growing:

Suyo Long  Cucumber#4 Charley’s Vegetables

  • Cucumber Bush Crop – a good choice for patio pots or small gardens
  • Cucumber Lemon – a yellow heirloom cucumber
  • Cucumber Suyo Long – an Asian burpless heirloom that can grow 15″ long and tends to curl up on one end
  • Eggplant Ping Tung Long – a glossy, purple, Asian heirloom with slender 12-18″ long and 1-2″ wide eggplants
  • Eggplant Snowy – a white eggplant with a sweet flavor
  • Kohlrabi Quickstar – an early slow bolting variety that is very uniform
  • Leeks American Flag – does well in out southern climate and has a delicate onion flavor
  • Okra Hill Country Red – a unique red okra from the Lone Star State
  • Pak Choi – or Bac Choy or Pak Choy or Pac Choi, anyway you spell it, delicious greens that are great in stir fry and soups
  • Squash Butternut Waltham – a 1970 AAS Winner for its uniform squash, disease resistance and yields
  • Squash Spagetti – a popular squash for its easily cooked squash which has a flesh that separates when cooked and resembles pasta. Also tasty and popular with kids
  • Tomatillo Toma Verde – widely used in salsa verde sauces

#4 Charley’s Peppers

#1G Charley’s Tomatoes

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