Spring Break

Confetti Gardens Spring Break 6in 3-13-15

Spring Break is here for some of us and we have already had the time change.  Hope you are enjoying the extra daylight time in the evening.  The spring showers are hitting much of the area today.  All this means spring is here and it is time to fill your shelves with the beautiful plants form Parks Brothers Farm.  Here are some colorful selections to brighten your day.

#6 Wave Petunias 3-13-15 (2)#6 Wave Petunias 3-13-15#10 Basket Easy Wave Blue 3-13-15#10 Basket Fuscia 3-13-15#10 Basket Geranium White Splash 3-13-15#10 Basket Geranium#10 Basket Geraniums 3-13-15 (2)#10 Basket Geraniums 3-13-15#12 Basket Confetti Hawaiian Kalani 3-13-15#12 Deco Pot Confetti Purple Cleopatra 3-13-15#12 Deco Pot Confetti#12 Upgrade Basket 3-13-15Aquilegia Origami Qt Perennial 3-13-15Bacopa Giant Snowflake #1Qt Proven Winner 3-13-15Begonia Bronze Leaf Red J6 3-13-15Begonia J6 Bronze PinkCaladiums 3-13-15 (2)Caladiums 3-13-15 (3)Caladiums 3-13-15 (4)Caladiums 3-13-15Celosia Orange J6 3-13-15Coleus J6 3-13-15 (2)Coleus J6 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6 Bumblebee 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6in 3-13-15 (2)Confetti Gardens 6in 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6in Glossy Strawberry 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6in Hawaiian Mahalo 3-13-15Confetti Gardens Shocking Pink 6in 3-13-15Confetti Gardens Spring Break 6in 3-13-15Dianthus #4 Mix 3-13-15Dianthus J6 White 3-13-15Heuchera Qt Perennial Premium 3-13-15Impatiens J6 Violet 3-13-15Impatiens Mix 1204 3-13-15Impatiens Pink 1204 3-13-15Lobelia Starship Scarlet Qt Perennial 3-13-15Marigold J6 Disco Mix 3-13-15Marigold J6 Janie Bright Yellow 3-13-15Marigold J6 Safari Red 3-13-15Osteo Voltage Yellow #4.5 3-13-15Oxalis Zinfandel #1Qt PW 3-13-15Petunia J6 3-13-15Petunia J6 Prism Sunshine 3-13-15Petunias J6 3-13-15Salvia J6 Empire White 3-13-15Salvia J6 Red Hot Sally 3-13-15Tuberous Begonia Bliss Yellow #4.5 3-13-15Vinca J6 3-13-15 (2)Taishan Marigolds 3-13-15

And here are some of our herbs and veggies

Charley's Herbs #4 3-13-15Charley's Peppers #4 3-13-15Curled Parsley Charley's #4 3-13-15OnionsPepper #4 Charleys Tiburon Poblano 3-13-15Pepper Green Bell 1204 3-13-15Peppers Jalapeno 1204 3-13-15Tomatoes 1204 3-13-15 (2)Tomatoes 1204 3-13-15 (3)Tomatoes 1204 3-13-15Tomatoes Beefmaster Charley's #1 3-13-15Tomatoes Charley's Grape #4 3-13-15

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