Spring Is Here…Occasionally

I don’t know about you but we are only getting spring about 2 days a week around here. The rest of the time the weather is reverting back to February. A lot of the areas we shipped to had a frost on the ground this morning.

As near as I can tell we are about 2-3 weeks behind this spring. We have had to dump some product and go on to new crops to keep the quality looking good. Overall though, we have not had to skip over much so all in all despite being behind, we are in pretty good shape. We do have a lot of plants that are ready to find a good home.

We have over 100,000 pots of #4.5 Premium Annuals ready and looking great. There are several pictures below showing how much color we have. We also have a lot of great color in our 1204 and J6 flats.

OK, today has been insane. I have to go to the pictures now or I will never get this done.

1 Gallon Sunpatiens are looking really good.

1 gal sunopatiens 5

Here are the #4.5 Premium Annual pictures. You can thank me later.

4.5in coleus 4.5in gerbera daisy

4.5in coleus chocolate covered cherry New! Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus

Nice color on the Dahlias, Geraniums and Double Impatiens. Light to Medium Color on the Lantanas.

4.5in dahlinova dahlias 4.5in fantasia geraniums

4.5in fiesta double impatiens 4 4.5in lantana

Great looking Osteospermums

4.5in osteospermum 1 4.5in osteospermum 3

The Plumbago is ready and the Succulent are very nice.

4.5in plumbago 4.5in succulents

I think I like these new Sweetie New Guinea Impatiens

4.5in sweetie new guinea impatiens

#6 Geraniums have Good Color and we are into a few colors of a new crop of #6 Wave Petunias. I will be adding in more colors as they get ready in the early part of next week.

6in americana violet geraniums 6in wave petunias

confetti 6in 3

1204 Peppers

1204 peppers 1 1204 peppers 2

1204 Vinca…… I though I took more pictures of the 1204’s sorry.

1204 vinca There are more pictures of the J6 Annuals below.

1801 Annuals

1801 alternanthera 1801 begonias

1801 plumosus fern 1801 taishan marigolds

1801 vinca 1801 zinnia dreamland mix


asparagus sprengri baskets bacopa baskets

confetti 12in baskets 1 dragon wing baskets 4

new guinea baskets 6 streptocarpella baskets

trailing petunia combo 12in baskets fuchsia baskets

wave double petunia basket 5 wave petunia baskets 3

new guinea impatiens 12in deco

J6 Annuals

J6 begonias 1 J6 coleus

J6 dianthus J6 impatiens 7

J6 marigolds J6 petunias

J6 portulaca 1 J6 salvia 1

J6 salvia 5 J6 vinca

More Buds than blooms on the 1 Gallon Hibiscus

tropical hibiscus 1 tropical hibiscus 4

1 Gallon Daylilies and some Quart perennials.

daylily eenie fanfare perennials qt

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