Spring Plants


We grow a wide selection of bedding plant annuals. From Ageratum to Zinnias, we carry the tried and true bedding plants gardeners have enjoyed for years in J6 and 1801 flats. In addition, we also grow upgrade, deluxe and premium annuals and new selections in #4.5 pots, #6 pots and #1Gal pots.


We grow a wide range of succulents which are quite popular now as house plants. These are grown in #3.5 pots (approximately 3.5″ wide pots). There are currently 25 varieties of succulenst grown in this size category.

succulents 3.5in


Perennials have continued to grow in popularity. We carry a wide range of perennials in 1801 Stepables, #1QT pots, #1Gal pots and #2Gal peonies.

Patio Decos & Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets decorating patios and porches are a staple of spring, but as the market changes each year, patio pots are becoming almost as popular. As more people move to suburban and urban areas, there has been more demand for hanging baskets and patio pots.

Baskets are available in #10 and #12 pots. Our Patio Pots include Decos in #12 pots, #10 Succulent Bowls and #14 Color Bowls.

Herbs & Vegetables

Demand for Herbs and Vegetables have been increasing the past couple of years as more people have seen the benefits of growing their own produce.

We grow a standard selection of cole crops and vegetables in 1204 trays, and an expanded selection of herbs, strawberry, vegetables and organics in #4 round pots.

To meet growing demand for organics, we have the Peace Farm Organic Culinary and Medicinal Herbs, Vegetables and flowering Pollinators.

Branded Programs

© proven winners
Photo courtesy of Proven Winners – www.provenwinners.com

Confetti Garden

Confetti Gardens are mixes of premium annuals that are stuck, rooted and grown together to create an instant and attractive combination of plants and colors.

© 2021 DÜMMEN ORANGE na.dummenorange.com

Easy Wave® & Shock Wave® Petunias

All types of Wave® Petunias are popular with consumers for their vivid colors, vigorous growth and spreading habits. Waves are grown in their distinctive pink pots and are easy to find on garden center benches.

© 2022 Ball Horticultural Company


Stepables® are tough, earth-friendly, easy-to-maintain perennials that take foot traffic. These little green heroes can liberate landscapes from that not-so-green mower, cut down on the use of chemicals and create lovely beds of color!

© 2022 Under A Foot Plant Company

Proven Winners

Proven Winners is America’s #1 selling plant brand. PW is known for its selection of plants with proven performance.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners – www.provenwinners.com

Charleys Veggies

Charley’s Veggies is the banner under which we sell our own line of Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes and Vegetables. The Charley’s Veggie are selected based on their performance, popularity and tastiness.

Peace Farm Organics

Peace Farm Organics is a collection of USDA Certified, non-GMO, organic pollinators, medicinal and culinary herbs, greens and vegetables.

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