Compact Sunpatiens

Sunpatiens are impatiens for the sun. They have a wide range of colors for every landscape. In the past impatiens were relegated to the shade but breeding breakthroughs brought us Sunpatiens. They are easy-to-grow and will tolerate the sun, high heat and humidity.

Sunpatiens are the result of combining regular Impatiens with New Guinea Impatiens.  The resulting plant is spectacular and performs like a dream in the heat of summer!  They bloom from spring until the first frost in the fall.  The blooms and leaves are thicker and have less chance of disease and damage.  Though they do well in full sun. While they are virtually maintenance free, they will need regular watering to keep going.

Use Sunpatines in flower beds and landscapes for dramatic, eye-catching colors. Or use them in hanging baskets and containers. While they will grow in full sun, they are still an impatien and can be used to significantly brighten up shady beds and porches which makes them very versatile.

We produce the Compact Sunpatiens due to their excellent habit and versatility of performing well in both landscapes and containers. Compact Sunpatiens are the best selling Sunpatien series and have award-winning and durable performance.

Plant in full sun to full shade 18-36″ apart. They will grow 24-36″ tall.

Plant closer if you don’t have automatic irrigation or can’t ensure they are watered as often as needed. Sunpatiens will grow more vigorously with more water.

We grow Sunpatiens in 1G Premium pots as well as #12 Deco pot size categories

In our 1G Premium Annuals Compact Sunpatiens size we grow Coral Pink, Deep Red, Deep Rose, Electric Orange, Hot Pink, Lavender Splash, Orchid Blush, Purple, Purple Candy, Red Candy, Rose Glow and White. Colors are shown in the gallery below.

In our #12 Deco Pots we grow 7 colors but we do not sell them by the color. Colors vary year to year.

We also use Sunpatiens in all 8 of our #12 Shade Deco Combos.

sunpatiens 1 gallon
1G Premium Annual Sunpatiens

Sunpatien #12 Deco Pots

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