Easy Wave Petunias

Easy Wave Petunias are an improvement over the original Wave Petunias. Easy Waves are less vigorous and more uniform in habit which makes them a great plant for containers, hanging baskets and flower beds. They don’t get too over-grown like the old Waves used to do.

Easy Wave Petunias are the most popular petunia used by gardener due to it’s proven performance, versatility and awesome color selection. Check out WaveGardening.com for more information on Wave Petunias.

Beginning in spring 2022, we will be utilizing the new E3 Easy Wave for comparable Easy Wave colors in production. For selling purposes, we will list the color as normal without differentiating between the two. For example, E3Easy Wave Blue replaces Easy Wave Blue, but our availability will just list Blue like it always has.

Easy Waves have a mounding/spreading habit and can grow out to 2-3 feet wide. This makes them ideal for hanging baskets and landscapes. Hanging baskets are the most popular size produced. They bloom from spring through fall with large, show-stopping blooms.

They also do well in mixed containers with other trailing plants like calibrachoa or something taller like an ornamental grass. Also check out other Wave series – Shock Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies.

Plant Easy Wave Petunias 10-15″ apart in full sun. They will grow 6-12″ tall and up to 18-24″ wide.

We produce Easy Waves in three sizes – 306 flats, #6 pots and #10 hanging baskets. 306’s are good for larger landscape projects. #6 pots are good for DYI containers and smaller flower bed plantings.

In the 306 flats (three 6-packs to a flat = 18 plants total) we grow E3 Blue, Burgundy Velour, Neon Rose, E3 Sky Blue, Pink Passion, Red Velour, Violet and E3 White.

In the #6 Deluxe Annul pots (6 pots per flat) we grow E3 Blue, Burgundy Velour, E3 Coral, Neon Rose, Pink Passion, Plum Vein, Red Velour, Rosy Dawn, Silver, E3 Sky Blue, Violet, White and Yellow.

In the #10 Hanging Baskets we grow E3 Blue, Burgundy Velour, Neon Rose, Pink Passion, Plum Vein, Red Velour, Rosy Dawn, Silver, E3 Sky Blue, Violet, E3 White and Yellow. We also grow nine Easy Wave Petunia Mixes in baskets – After Dark, Flag, Fly Me To The Moon, Great Lakes, Lovin’ It, Opposites Attract, Plum Pudding, Rosy Kisses, Royal Passion and Very Valentine.

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