Profusion Zinnia

Profusion Zinnias quickly spread out in a tapestry of brilliant long-lasting color. You can expect constant blooms from this heat-loving plant even through the hottest days of summer. It’s strong stems make it tough and sturdy.

Packed with delightful 1” to 2” daisy-like flowers, Profusion Zinnias will instantly add drama to your garden, patio, or home. Profusions come in both single and double bloom flower varieties.

Profusion Zinnias are virtually care free. They are heat and drought tolerant and have strong disease tolerance. They resist insects and deer don’t feed on the foliage. Pinch off (deadhead) old blooms to encourage new growth and keep your zinnias blooming.

If you can manage it, water your zinnias with a soaker hose or from the bottom and avoid overhead waterings. Zinnias are more susceptible to mildew disease when the foliage stays wet. If you have to water overhead, water early in the day to give the foliage time to dry out before nightfall.

Plant in full sun 12-18″ apart. They grow 10-12″ tall.

Profusion Zinnias are available in #4/1801 size in the following colors: Double Hot Cherry, Double Yellow, Orange, Red, Red Yellow Bicolor and White (below left to right).

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