Combination Baskets

They say that variety is the spice of life. People have many different tastes in everything from clothing to food to cars and much more. This also applies to plants.

Though we can’t possibly grow every basket combination out there, we have a good selection of Confetti Garden, MixMasters, Trixi and some combinations of our own that we grow.

Confetti Gardens

We grow a large selection of Confetti Gardens. Follow the link to our Confetti Gardens page. There is also a list of the Confetti Garden Baskets we grow at the bottom of this page.

Mix Masters

Bloom of Allegiance

Eye Caramba

Jazzberry Jam

Purple Mix Master

Spring Showers

Summer Bouquet

Angelonia Mix Master


Batting Eyes

Geisha Girl

Skys The Limit


Who Knew Orleans

Parks Brothers Combination Baskets

Bahama Sky

Lantana Landmark Sunrise Rose
Purslane Rio Grande Yellow
Scaevola Blue Brilliance

Cherry Bomb

Petunia ColorBlitz Red
Spotlight Red Ipomoea
Breathless Blush Euphorbia

Hot Springs
Hot Pink Sunpatien
(pic below shows Magnum NG Impatien)
Angel Great Falls Coleus

Electric Orange Sunpatien
(pic below shows Magnum NG Impatien)
Yosemite Great Falls Coleus


List of the Confetti Garden Baskets We Grow

Click HERE for the Confetti page

Bloomtastic Blossom
Cupcake Smarty Party
Denim Blues
Hawaiian Gold
Hawaiian Hilo
Hawaiian Hoku Star
Hawaiian Hulu Lilli
Hawaiian Kalani
Hawaiian Mahalo
Hawaiian Orchid
Hawaiian Volcano Kea
Peppermint Candy
Pirates Beauty
Purple Halo
Rockin’ Red
Rockin’ Sunset
Water Wheel

12in Basket Hilo Confetti Garden
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