Combination Baskets

They say that variety is the spice of life. People have many different tastes in everything from clothing to food to cars and much more. This also applies to plants.

Though we can’t possibly grow every basket combination out there, we have a good selection of Confetti Garden, Kwik Kombos, MixMasters, Trixi and combinations of our own that we grow.

Confetti Gardens

These are the six Confetti Gardens we are doing in our #12 Baskets. You can see our complete list of Confetti Gardens and sizes here.

confetti garden bloomtastic trio Dummen
Bloomtastic Trio
confetti garden cupcake night purslane Dummen
Cupcake Night
cupcake smarty party purslane confetti garden
Cupcake Smarty Party
heartland confetti trio
confetti garden tik tok creamsicle tiktok calibrachoa
TikTok Creamsicles
confetti garden time for blast off © dummen
Time for Blastoff

Confetti Gardens images © 2024 DÜMMEN ORANGE

Shade Combo Baskets

Hot Springs

SunPatiens® Compact Hot Pink (pic below shows Magnum NG Impatien)
Great Falls® Angel Coleus

hot springs shade 12in deco combo

SunPatiens® Compact Purple
Great Falls® Yosemite Coleus

shade combo yellowstone sunpatiens coleus

SunPatiens® Compact Electric Orange
Great Falls® Yosemite Coleus

yosemite combo 12in
MixMasters™ Bloom Of Allegiance

AngelMist® Spreading White Angelonia
Lucky™ Red Lantana
Blue Brilliance Scaevola

mixmasters bloom of allegiance 12in combo basket
MixMasters™ Eye Caramba

Calibrachoa Cabaret® White
Petunia ColorBlitz™ Bluerific
Verbena Violet Wink

eye caramba mixmasters 12in basket combo
MixMasters™ Jazzberry Jam

Calibrachoa Cabaret® White
Petunia Sun Spun® Burgundy
Verbena Firehouse™ Purple

jazzberry jam mixmasters 12in basket combo
MixMasters™ Sunnyside

Bee’s Knees Petunia
Cabaret® Yellow Calibrachoa
Firehouse™ White Verbena

sunnyside mixmasters
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company
Kwik Kombos™ Beach Breeze™ (Modified)

Carita™ Cascade Deep Purple Angelonia (replaces Carita Purple Angelonia in #12 Bskts only)
Bombay® Platinum Scaevola
Bombay® Yellow Scaevola

© 2023 Syngenta
Batting Eyes Trixi®

MiniFamous® Neo Orange+Red Eye
MiniFamous® Neo Salmon Pink+Eye
MiniFamous® Neo Yellow+Red Eye

trixi batting eyes 12in basket combo calibrachoa
Berry Daring Trixi®

MiniFamous® Neo Dark Blue Calibrachoa
MiniFamous® Neo Purple Calibrachoa
MiniFamous® Neo Salmon Pink+Eye

Trixi Berry Daring 20 MiniFamous Neo Purple 20 Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Salmon+Pink Eye Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Dark Blue 20 Calibrachoa Selecta 2020 Pot On Sweep, Vegetative 10.02.18 Arroyo Grande, Mark Widhalm BerryDaring20_02.jpg TRI18-24784.jpg
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company
Geisha Girl Trixi®

MiniFamous® Neo Salmon Pink+Eye
Headliner™ Red Petunia
Lascar™ Red Rose Verbena

geisha girl 12hb trixi
Gold & Bold Trixi®

MiniFamous® Neo Dark Blue Calibrachoa
MiniFamous® Neo Yellow Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Neo Purple Calibrachoa

Trixi Gold & Bold 17 MiniFamous Neo Yellow Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Violet+Eye Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Purple Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Violet+Eye Calibrachoa Selecta 2017 Pot On Sweep, Vegetative 05.15 Arroyo Grande, Mark Widhalm Trixi155_02.JPG TRI15-19437_AL_OL_Pot.jpg
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company
Purple with a Purpose Trixi®

MiniFamous® Neo Dark Blue Calibrachoa
MiniFamous®Neo Light Blue Calibrachoa
MiniFamous® Neo White Calibrachoa

Trixi Purple With A Purpose 20 Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Dark Blue Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Light Blue and Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo White Selecta 2022 Pot On Sweep, Vegetative 04.13 Santa Paula, Mark Widhalm TRI13-15380_AL_OL_Pot.jpg
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company
Sky’s the Limit Trixi®

Headliner™ Night Sky® Petunia
Headliner™ Sky Blue Petunia
Headliner™ White Petunia

trixi skys the limit 12hb combo
Starspinner Trixi®

MiniFamous® Uno Pink Star
MiniFamous® Uno Violet Star

Who Knew Orleans Trixi®

MiniFamous® Uno Yellow+Red Vein Calibrachoa
Headliner™ Red Petunia
Lascar™ Mango Orange Verbena

who knew orleans trixi combo
Written in the Stars

MiniFamous® Neo Deep Yellow
MiniFamous® Uno Violet Star

Trixi Written in the Stars Mixed Container Arroyo Grande 2017 MiniFamous Neo Deep Yellow Calibrachoa StarShine Violet Calibrachoa Selecta 2019 Pot On Sweep, Vegetative 06.17 Arroyo Grande, Mark Widhalm Combo126_02.JPG MIX17-22963.JPG
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company
Bahama Sky

Landmark™ Sunrise Rose Lantana
RíoGrande™ Yellow Purslane
Blue Brilliance Scaevola

bahama sky combo basket combination
Cherry Bomb

Breathless® Blush Euphorbia
Spotlight™ Red Ipomoea
SureShot™ Red Petunia

cherry bomb 12in basket combo
Hot Spell (Modified)

AngelMist® Spreading Pink Angelonia (starting in 2023 replaces Archangel™ Dark Rose Angelonia in #12 Bskts only)
Honeybells Cuphea
Landmark™ Gold Improved Lantana

angelmist angelonia pink ball
honeybells cuphea bfp
landmark sunrise rose lantana ball

© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company

Shindig (Modified)

Angelonia AngelMist® Spreading Dark Purple (starting in 2023 replaces Archangel™ Dark Purple Angelonia in #12 Bskts only)
Lucky™ Red Lantana
Blue Brilliance Scaevola

Picture below show original Shindig with Archangel™ Dark Purple Angelonia.

shindig mixmasters
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company
Summer Bouquet

Angelonia AngelMist® Spreading Dk Purple ( starting in 2023 replaces Angelonia AngelMist® Spreading Bluebird)
Angelonia AngelMist® Spreading Pink
Angelonia AngelMist® Spreading White

Picture below shows AngelMist® Spreading Bluebird, Dark Purple and Pink.

summber bouquet 12in basket mix combo
Sweet Dreams

Angelonia AngelMist® Spreading White
Breathless® Blush Euphorbia
Shamrock™ Butterscotch Glow Lantana
Shamrock™ Peach Imp Lantana

angelmist spreading white angelonia
reathless blush euphorbia
butterscotch glow lantana bloom bfp
shamrock peach imp lantana bloom bfp

© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company

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