Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are one of America’s most popular way to enjoy beautiful flowers and foliage plants.  We grow a wide variety of hanging baskets that range in size and price.  All of our #10 baskets and #12 baskets are grown in a green plastic pot with a plastic hanger.

#10 Baskets (BSKT1001)

#10 Foliage Baskets

Bolivian Jew
Bridal Veil

Foliage Combo
Purple Jew

Spider Plant
Swedish Ivy

foliage spider plant basket

#10 Flowering Baskets (BSKT 1001)

#10 Basket Deluxe (BSKT1002)

Calibrachoa Basket
Mixed Calibrachoa Basket
dark eyes fuchsia

Basket #3 – Premium

Hanging Baskets
Boston Fern

Basket #12

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