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We are continuing to expand our selection of Proven Winners plants that we are growing. We make our selections of which Proven Winner plants to grow based on two criteria: flower color and popularity. The plants and colors we have chosen are unique colors that are not readily available in other lines of plants and/or a popular selling plant in the PW line.

Proven Winners plants are know for their distinctive plants and reliable performance. That’s because Proven Winners partners with the top plant breeders around the world to ensure their varieties are vigorous, healthy, vibrant, and unique.

We are excited about the Proven Winners line of plants and hope that it is successful for you. As you probably are aware, Proven Winners is the #1 Plant Brand in America. All of our Proven Winners plants are grown in the white PW pot and matching white tray to compliment the PW branding and POP which allows for garden center to create displays to drive sales.

We hope that you like the plants we have added this year and welcome any suggestions for changes or further additions.

Photos courtesy of Proven Winners –

Biden Goldilocks Rocks

bidens goldilocks rocks

Goldilocks Rocks Bidens has bright, golden flowers that bloom on vigorous plants. Goldilocks Rocks loves the heat and is drought tolerant.

Calibrachoa Superbells

Superbells Calibrachoas are covered in hundreds of small, petunia-like flowers on compact plants that grow 6-12″ tall. Superbells are disease resistant and are able to handle a wider range of temperatures and weather conditions than petunias.

  • Bloom Moon Punch – Blooms are lavender-purple with darker purple centers.
  • Cherry Star – Blooms are cherry red with a yellow star pattern.
  • Double Amber – Blooms are a golden yellow with darker veins.
  • Doublette Love Swept – Small double blooms are deep pink with a fine white frosting along the edge of each petal.
  • Dreamsicle – Bloom are mostly orange with a some variation in shades of color.
  • Evening Star – Blooms are lavender-purple with a yellow star pattern.
  • Holy Cow! – Blooms have rosy-pink pinwheel patterns with white edges and yellow centers.
  • Holy Moly! – Blooms have a splotched cherry-red pinwheel pattern with light yellow edges and a darker yellow center.
  • Holy Smokes! – Blooms have purple splotched pinwheel patterns with white edges and a yellow centers.
  • Lemon Slice – Bloom have a yellow and white pinwheel pattern.
  • Pomegranate Punch – Blooms are a deep velvet red with dark throats.
  • Tropical Sunrise – Blooms are streaked with rosy-pink and yellows.
  • Yellow – Blooms are bright, sunny yellow.

Cuphea Vermillionaire

Orange Cuphea

Vermillionaire Cuphea is heat and humidity tolerant. The narrow flowers are bright orange and will attract hummingbirds. This low maintenance plant will bloom from spring until the first frost.

Euphorbia Diamond Frost

Diamond Frost Euphorbia blooms with an abundance of small, white flowers over a mounding plant. It is heat and drought tolerant. Diamond Frost thrives in the summer sun, but it does equally well in partial shade. Even though it looks dainty, Diamond Frost can perform with the best summer annuals.

Evolvulus Blue My Mind

evolvulus blue my mind

Blue My Mind Evolvulus is a great spreading/trailing annual that combines stunning blue flowers with heat and drought tolerance. Blue My Mind is a great plant of hanging baskets, containers, edges of beds or anywhere it can trail down over an edge.

Graceful Grasses

Grasses can add interesting texture to any landscape. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit different applications from container gardening to xeriscapes to water gardens.

Helichrysum Icicles

Helichrysum Icicles has needle-like leaves that are grayish green with traces of silver. It has an upright, spreading habit that works well in containers as well as landscapes and rock gardens. The foliage is the main attraction and there are no significant flowers or fruit. This is a low maintenance plant that deer tend to pass up for tastier treats.

Isotoma Beth’s Blue

Beth’s Blue Isotoma is a covered in dainty, star shaped, lavender-blue flowers. The leaves are lacy looking and lance shaped that add interesting texture. Beth’s Blue blooms all summer long and it low maintenance. Plants are only 10-14″ tall and do well as a border.


white knight lobularia

Lobularia are mounding and trailing plants that perform well in the heat. It is a close cousin of alyssum and shares its fragrant blooms. The lobularia blooms are self-pruning and since they have a lot of blooms on each plant, they tend to be a little messy in baskets and containers so keep that in mind when you use these beautiful lobularia in containers.

Violet Knight has masses of violet-purple flowers on mounding plants that are heat and drought tolerant. The flowers are fragrant and will keep blooming all summer.

White Knight is better matched to Violet Knight in size and shape than Snow Princess. White Knight is covered in white flower clusters on mounding plants that are heat and cold tolerant.

Nemesia Sunsatia

Orange Nemesia

Sunsatia Nemesia’s bright, bold colors make it a great choice for spring containers. Sunsatia is more heat tolerant than other nemesias, but planting in landscapes in the south should be planned carefully to provide adequate afternoon shade and water. In our opinion, Sunsatia Nemesia is best suited to containers.

Petunia Supertunia

Supertunia Petunias have been bred for heat tolerance and will continue to perform in landscapes long after other petunias have succumbed to the heat and humidity. Supertunia Petunias also do well in cooler temperatures.

  • Black Cherry – eye-catching deep red blooms
  • Bordeaux – lavender-purple blooms with dark plum veins and throats
  • Daybreak Charm – bright pink blooms with yellow throats
  • Honey – blooms are a menagerie of yellow and pink shades.
  • Limoncello – bright pale yellow blooms with dark yellow throats
  • Persimmon – salmon-pink blooms with yellow throats
  • Vista Bubblegum – long blooming bubblegum-pink blooms on vigorous plants
  • Vista Fuchsia – vigorous with fuchsia-pink blooms
  • Vista Jazzberry – vigorous with lavender-purple blooms
  • Vista Paradise – vigorous with blooms that are watermelon pink with salmon-pink undertones
  • Vista Silverberry – vigorous with white or very light pink flowers with dark pink veins
  • Vista Snowdrift – vigorous with pure white blooms

Sedum Lemon Coral

lemon coral sedum
lemon coral sedum

Lemon Coral Sedum has bright, spiky, chartreus foliage that can handle all types of temperatures and environments. It grows well in the heat and is a drought-tolerant succulent. Moderate watering will keep Lemon Coral looking great. It is hardy in Zones 7a to 11. Lemon Coral retains is bright color and looks good through the fall and winter in southern areas.

Sutera (Bacopa)

Bacopa Snowstorm Giant Snowflake – Giant Snowflake has larger blooms than standard Bacopa (sutera) varieties which produces an impressive display of large, white flowers.

Torenia Catalina

Torenia blooms from spring through fall. It has a mounding, trailing habit. Unique blooms give torenia the nickname “Wishbone Flower.”

Torenia fills out containers and hanging baskets nicely. It also does well as a groundcover in shady areas. It is heat and drought tolerant and low maintenance.

  • Gilded Grape – yellow blooms with purple throats
  • Midnight Blue – blue blooms with yellow throats
  • Pink – two-tone pink blooms with yellow throats
catalina gilded grape torenia
catalina midnight blue torenia
catalina pink torenia

Verbena Superbena

Superbena Verbena are vigorous verbenas that are also heat tolerant and mildew tolerant. Superbena are self-cleaning so that no deadheading is necessary. They do great in containers but preform well in landscape beds too. To top it all off, Superbena tolerate dry soils and lower fertility.

superbena peachy keen verbena
superbena plum wine verbena

All photos courtesy of Proven Winners –

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