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Succulents are ideal for novice gardeners, urban areas, balcony gardens, green roofs and water restricted areas. Succulents offer gardeners a wide variety of colors and textures that can be utilized and an even wider range of uses.

Each type of succulent is different and in it’s own way has outstanding features. Succulents come in a wide range of colors and wide variety of shapes and sizes. Check out the links below to see what each of the succulents we carry look like. 

Succulents can go a long time on very little water which is what makes them so popular. The larger the leaves and plants the more water the plants can hold. This is why you will see succulents used in green roofs and in landscapes where the water hose or irrigation doesn’t reach.

A quick search online and you can see the hundreds or even thousands of ways that succulents can be grown. Popular trends on social media will also show you that succulents can be grown in almost any contain in almost any location so go ahead and try something different. You even might go viral if you post it.

We grow succulents in our #10 Bowls and #3.5 Succulent sizes. Scroll down and see the varieties we grow listed below.

#10 Succulent Bowls

An attractive mixture of different succulents in a decorative bowl patio container that will add some contrast and texture to your patio or porch. The makeup of the bowls changes occasionally due to starter plant availability.

#3.5 Premium Succulents

Aptenia Cordifolia Red Apple

Aptenia Cordifolia Red Apple is a low growing succulent. It is evergreen and has a fast growth rate. The foliage is green and blooms are bright apple-red.

Plant in full sun to part sun. Grows 6″ tall and 12-24″ wide.

succulent red apple aptenia cord
© 2021 Quality Cuttings Team

Aptenia Cordifolia Variegated

Aptenia Cordifolia Variegated is a mounding, low growing Aptenia. The green foliage is variegated with white edges. The flowers are red. It is a slow grower starting out but once established has a medium growth rate.

Plant in full sun to part sun. Grows 6″ tall and 12-24″ wide.

succulent Aptenia Cord Variegata © 2023 Ball Horticultural Company
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company

Crassula Muscosa Princess Pine

Princess Pine Crassula is a small succulent with an interesting look. It has an upright, branching habit with small stems of overlapping leaves. The leaves are narrow and light green and completely hide the stem. Princess Pine is evergreen and has a fast growth rate.

Plant in part sun. Grows 6-12″ tall and spreads 12-18″ wide.

succulent princess pine crassula muscosa
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Crassula Ovata Variegata Jade

Crassula Ovata Variegata Jade or Variegated Jade Plant has variegated leaves that are green with cream stripes and pink edges. It is a very eye-catching and attractive succulent. The plant habit is upright and has a medium growth rate.

Plant in full sun to part sun. Can grow 24-48″ tall and 24-36″ wide in the right conditions. Pinch or cut back to control growth.

succulent variegated jade plant crassula ovata variegata
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Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg

Echeveria Perle Von Nurnburg is a must if you want to cover a lot of ground in your rock garden. The large rosettes can grow to around 6-8 inches across. The thick rounded leaves are bluish-green with a metallic pink sheen. Long stems around 15 inches support the coral colored blooms in the spring or late summer. Perle von Nurnberg has a fast growth rate.

Plant 9-12″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 6-12″ tall.

succulent Perle Von Nurnburg Echeveria
© 2021 ForemostCo®, Inc.

Echiveria Pulidonis

Echiveria pulidonis (Pulido’s Echeveria) is a succulent with blue-green rosettes that can reach up to 5 inches wide. Each blue-green leaf of the rosette is red tipped and are somewhat curved on the upper side while rounded on the bottom. Echiveria pulidonis blooms with yellow flowers on arching stems in the spring that contrast nicely with its foliage color.

Plant 6-10″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 6-8″ tall.

succulent echeveria pulidonis
© 2021 Quality Cuttings Team

Echeveria Runyonii Topsy Turvy

Echeveria Runyonii Topsy Turvy is a succulent with compact, rosette-shaped foliage. What makes this one different and unique from other rosette succulents is that the narrow, bluish-gray leaves are turned downward but the tips are turned upward making them look upside-down or “Topsy Turvy”. In late summer or early fall, orange to red flowers will rise above the foliage on long stems. Topsy Turvy has a fast growth rate.

Plant 9-12″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 4-8″ tall.

succulent topsy turvy echeveria runyonii

Graptopetalum Paraguayense

Graptopetalum Paraguayense is sometimes referred to as Ghost Plant or Mother of Pearl.  The coloration of the rosettes can vary greatly. They can be pinkish-yellow in hot, dry conditions and blue-silver with pink tints in partial shade. In the spring, small white flowers with red spots grow on multi-branched stems. G. Paraguayense can have a trailing habit as rosettes get too heavy for the stems and lay over. It has a fast growth rate.

Plant 9-12″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 6-12″ tall.

succulents graptosedum paraguayense
© 2021 ForemostCo®, Inc.

Graptosedum Darley Sunshine

Graptosedum Darley Sunshine is a mounding succulent with thick, mint-green foliage in the center that transitions to pink and orange tips. Graptopetalum and Sedum were crossed to form the Graptosedum line.  This variety spreads like a sedum with the rosettes growing out on the ends of long stems with the fleshy leaves spaced out along it. The leaves of the rosettes form spirals. Darley Sunshine blooms with white flowers in the spring.

Plant 6-10″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 4-8″ tall.

succulents graptosedum darley sunshine
© 2017 Athena Brazil

Graptosedum Vera Higgins

Graptosedum Vera Higgins has reddish-bronze foliage. The plants are mounding but as stems grow they can be weighed down by the foliage producing an attractive trailing succulent. Like Darley Sunshine the leaves of the rosettes spiral along the stems. Small yellow flowers bloom in the spring.

Plant 6-8″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows to 6″ tall.

succulents graptosedum vera higgins
© 2021 Quality Cuttings Team

Graptoveria Fred Ives

Graptoveria Fred Ives is another interesting succulent that has light green to leaves with darker red-bronze tips growing in rosettes up to 8 inches tall and around 12 inches wide. Depending on the season, temperature and sun exposure, the rosettes can exhibit blues, teal, salmon, coral or yellow colors. In the late spring or early summer yellows flowers bloom on 1 to 2 foot stems. Fred Ives has a fast growth rate.

Plant 12-18″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 18-24″ tall.

succulent graptoveria fred ives

Portulaca Afra Variegata

Portulaca Afra Variegata is an attractive succulent with dark red-brown stems and pale green variegated leaves with creamy white edges. It is a slow growing succulent but easy to grow. The plants are very bushy with a lot of stems branching out. It is also known as Rainbow Bush and Elephant Bush. In tropical environments it can reach over 10 feet tall, but for North America is it only hardy to Zones 10a (30F/-1.1C) to 11b (50F/10C).

Plant 10-12″ apart in full to part sun. Grows 12-24″ tall.

succulent afra variegated portulaca dummen 640x483
© 2021 Dummen Orange

Sedum Angelina

Sedum Angelina is an evergreen groundcover.  It has spiky foliage that is a greenish yellow color that changes to green with yellow-orange shades in the winter.  It makes a great accent plant in the landscape, especially in a rock garden or xeriscape. Blooms with yellow flowers in the summer on 6-8″ tall stems. Angelina has a fast growth rate.

 Plant 10-12″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 3-6″ tall.

succulent sedum angelina

Sedum Coral Reef

Coral Reef Sedum is a low-maintenance, compact sedum. It forms a tight mat of shiny green foliage. The foliage will develop coral highlights in full sun. In the fall, all the foliage will turn coral. Coral Reef Sedum can be used as an evergreen groundcover or in rock gardens and almost any other type of landscape plantings in both poor or fertile soils.

Plant in full sun 8-12″ apart. Grows 2-3″ tall and spreads 6-10″.

succulent coral reef sedum 492x501 © ball
© 2023 Ball Horticultural Company

Sedum Dragons Blood

Sedum Dragon’s Blood has green to burgundy foliage that deepens to red-bronze in the summer then wine red in the fall/winter. It has clusters of red, star-shaped flowers that rise out of this colorful, evergreen succulent in the summer. Dragon’s Blood is a trailing groundcover and has a fast growth rate.

Plant 12-18″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 4-6″ tall.

succulent dragons blood sedum © ball 394x394

Sedum Fine Leaf Gold

Sedum Fine Leaf Gold is a low growing perennial succulent that forms a mat of foliage. It has dense clusters of short, needle-like foliage that are chartreuse to yellow. The foliage begins yellow in the spring and turns to chartreuse throughout the season. It also blooms with clusters of small, white flowers.

Plant 6-12″ apart in full sun. Grows 3″ tall and 8-12″ wide.

succulent fine leaf gold sedum
© 2021 Quality Cuttings Team

Sedum lineare Sea Urchin

Sedum lineare Sea Urchin is a trailing succulent with green leaves that have white edges. The leaves are narrow, about one inch long all along the trailing stems. They bloom very rarely but when they do they have short panicles of yellow flowers.

Plant 6″ to 8″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 4″ to 8″ tall.

succulent sea urchin sedum lineare
© 2021 ForemostCo®, Inc.

Sedum Little Shimmer

Little Shimmer Sedum has small, bright green, heart shaped leaves. There is some variation in the tint of the green on the plants – some darker and some lighter. It is a fast-growing sedum that is low maintenance and drought tolerant. Littler Shimmer works well in hanging baskets and also as a groundcover or in rock gardens.

Plant 5-6″ apart in full sun. Grows 2-3″ tall and 5-7″ wide.

succulent little shimmer sedum
© 2008 – 2022 Ball Horticultural Company

Sedum Morganianum

Sedum Morganianum, also known as Burro’s Tail or Donkey’s Tail, is a sedum with small, fleshy, triangular, banana shaped foliage that grows along stems forming clusters of foliage that hang down. The foliage is blue-green in color. Stems can reach up to 24″ long. With these trailing stems, sedum morganianum does well in hanging baskets, containers and rock gardens. It can be grown indoors in a high light area or window.

Plant in full sun 6-12″ apart. Grows 4-6″ tall and 12-24″ wide.

sedum morganianum donkey's tail succulent
© 2017 Athena Brazil

Sedum Ogon

Sedum Ogon has tiny rounded leaves that are a chartreuse color and grow on trailing stems.  It will form a dense ground cover that stays low and spreads out about a foot or more.  In the summer, tiny, star shaped flowers of the same color will appear. Sedum Ogon likes to have some afternoon shade in the Southern regions where it gets rather hot. 

Plant 8″ to 12″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 2″ to 6″ tall.

ogon sedum succulent

Sedum Rubrotinctum

Sedum rubrotinctum is a succulent plant with fun lime-green leaves that turn red to burgundy in the summer sun. Rosette leaves are round and look like jelly beans. Rosettes form on the ends of elongated stems. Yellow, star shaped flowers adorn woody stems that shoot out from the plant.

Plant 8-12″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 4-8″ tall.

succulent jelly bean sedum rubrotinctum
© 2021 ForemostCo®, Inc.

Sedum Rowleyanus

Sedum rowleyanus is a popular, creeping succulent. Also known as String of Pearls, it has long stems with pea-shaped, fleshy leaves that resemble round beads and alternate along the stems .

Plant 10-16″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 2-4″ tall and 12-24″ wide.

suculent string of pearls Senecio Rowleyanus
© 2008 – 2022 Ball Horticultural Company

Senecio Serpens

Senecio Serpens has cylindrical blue-green foliage. The plants are dwarf and semi-trailing. The stems start out upright then lay over as they mature. Once laid over, they root from the nodes and can form dense mats of foliage. Senicio Seprens blooms in the late summer with small white flowers.

Plant in 12-18″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 10-12″ tall.

succulent Senecio Serpens
© 2021 ForemostCo®, Inc.

More Succulents!

Succulents We Have Discontinued Growing:

Aeonium Zwartkop

Aeonium Zwartkop is a unique succulent that has a reddish to dark purple coloring and grows up on long stems. It is upright and mounding with a medium growth rate. Zwartkop adds a touch of contrast to your landscape. In the summer, yellow blooms appear.

Plant in part sun 8″ to 14″ apart. Grows 12″ to 18″ tall.

© 2021 ForemostCo®, Inc.

Echiveria Nodulosa

Echeveria Nodulosa is a variegated variety with gray-green leaves and red streaks around the edges and in the middle. It’s yellow blooms sit atop long stems in mid-summer and have bracts that are similarly colored like the mother plant. Like Sempervivum Hens and Chicks, offsets surround the main rosette. Echeveria Nodulosa has a fast growth rate.

Plant 8-10″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 8-12″ tall.

© 2021 ForemostCo®, Inc.

Graptopetalum Superbum

Graptopetalum Superbum has rosettes of bluish-green to lavender-pink foliage. The foliage also has a powdery coating called farina (epicuticular wax). The rosettes keep growing on the stems and over time lay over to trail along landscapes and over the edges of containers. Small star-shaped flowers bloom in the spring. The flowers are yellow with red spots. Superbum has a fast growth rate.

Plant 9-15″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 6-12″ tall.

succulents graptosedum superbum
© 2021 Quality Cuttings Team

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