Spring Trials 2012 – Part 1

Here are links to what people are talking about at the Spring Trials in CA.

KevinY_GG11:14am via HootSuite

Starting day at Proven Winners. Really like Blue My Mind evolvulus. Not something we see much of #springtrials

Richard_GG_TGC11:12am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

PW’s Marshall Dirks: Young people use images as their default Google search setting. Do a better job showing plants.#springtrials

GPBuzz12:08pm via HootSuite

First #springtrials stop today: Danziger. Lovely light purple Lavender Stream Lobularia! Havent seen this color beforeow.ly/i/wLhG

KatieRotella2:01pm via Photos on iOS

Come see "The Art of Plants" at the Ball#springtrials pic.twitter.com/4I5HioqO

Richard_GG_TGC2:03pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Proven Winners’ Kerry Meyer showing off new calibrachoa Superbells Lemon Slice#springtrials yfrog.com/hsl9fqdkj

BallHort2:05pm via Twitter for iPhone

Look Up! It’s Cool Wave Pansy at Ball#springtrials pic.twitter.com/0N7Dehou

KevinY_GG3:12pm via HootSuite

Check out Blushing Princess, the companion to Snow Princess lobularia from Proven Winners #springtrials ow.ly/i/wM8O

KevinY_GG3:14pm via HootSuite

Cherry Star was the No. 1 seller for SuperBells last yr. This yr theres a new SuperBells in Lemon Slice ow.ly/i/wM98#springtrials

KevinY_GG3:30pm via Camera on iOS

Now at Plug Connection. Suntorys Princettias #springtrialspic.twitter.com/YRmJRNpk

GPNjasmina1:10pm via Twitter for iPhone

Pretty dahlia at @PLUGvistapic.twitter.com/RwyouM7a

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