Spring Trials 2012 – Part 4

BallHortMar 28, 12:33pm via Twitter for iPhone

Touring today with the editors from @GreenhouseMag Welcome ladies! What do you think of EverLast? #springtrialspic.twitter.com/XcHwakE4

GPNmagMar 28, 1:00pm via HootSuite

Say Aloha To ow.ly/9VgvN #springtrials

(Note: we really like the Aloha Calibrachoas here at Parks Brothers)

GPNmagMar 28, 1:30pm via HootSuite

Goodness, Gracious…http://ow.ly/9VgBc#springtrials

GPNjasminaMar 28, 4:11pm via Twitter for iPhone

Sunflower ‘Vincent’ at Sakata #springtrialspic.twitter.com/gYDZw7ba

BillCalkinsMar 28, 5:59pm via Facebook

IGCs – Little Lucky Lantana at #SpringTrialst.co/mPTYziLQ

KevinY_GGMar 28, 7:00pm via Camera on iOS

Sakata has new compact calibrachoa in Calipetite. Good potential for window boxes. Cute buggers. #springtrialspic.twitter.com/CKVhbCGD

GPNmag7:45am via HootSuite

A XXL dahlia t.co/joHDLClO #springtrials

(Not part of Spring Trials but…)

sidraischMar 28, 11:21pm via HootSuite

See it now. World’s Largest Hanging Basket ht.ly/9WIqB

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