Stepables® For Spring 2010

stepables I am please to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Under A Foot Plant Co. to be an authorized grower of Stepables®.  Starting in February of next spring we will have Stepables® available. 

At this time we plan on growing the Stepables® in #4 (true 4”) purple pots that will be packed 10 to the flat.  Each pot will have the Stepables® tag and have a bar-coded sticker on the pot.  The Stepables® program comes complete with point of purchase materials that includes signs, a Happy Guy, a brochure holder and brochures.

We have picked out 31 varieties to grow.  We did quite a bit of research with plant people in the South to make sure all the varieties we chose will hold up in the heat and humidity we have.  Here is a list of the varieties we have chosen.  We would love to hear your opinion on these varieties especially if you think that they are not a good choice for the south!

Acaena inemis Pururea (Purple New Zealand Bur)DSC04717
Acaena microphylla Blue Haze (New Zealand Bur)
Armeria maritima Rubrifolia (Red Leaf Thrift)
Cymbalaria aequitrilobia (Mini Kenilworth Ivy)
Hydrocotyle sibthorpiodes (Variegated Pennywort)
Isotoma fluviatilis (Blue Star Creeper)
Leptinella gruveri (Miniature Brass Buttons)
Leptinella x Platt’s Black (Black Brass Buttons)
Mazus reptans Alba
Muehlenbeckia axillaris (Creeping Wire Vine)
Pratia pedunculata (Little Star Creeper)
Pratia pedunculata Alba (Super Star Creeper)
Sagina subulata (Irish Moss)
Sagina subulata Aurea (Scotch Moss)
Sedum acre (Goldmoss Stonecrop)
Sedum album chloroticum Baby Tears
Sedum lydium (Mossy Stonecrop)
Sedum pachyclados (White Diamond Sedum)
Sedum requieni (Miniature Stonecrop)
Thymus citricodorus Archers Gold
Thymus praecox Albiforus (White Creeping Thyme)
Thymsu preecox Coccineus (Red Creeping Thyme)
Thymus praexox Pink Chintz
Thymus praecox Pseudolanuginosus (Wooly Thyme)
Thymus serpyllum Elfin (Miniature Thyme)
Thymus serpyllum Magic Carpet
Trifolium repens Atropurpureum (Bronze Dutch Clover)
Veronica liwanesis (Turkish Veronica)
Veronica penduncularis Georgia Blue
Veronica repens Sunshine (Golden Creeping Speedwell)
Veronica x New Century

For pictures and more information on these plants, click here for the Stepables® website.

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