Stepables® For The South

BrochureInsideDec13b Last year we became the authorized Stepables® grower for the south.  After discussing the varieties amongst ourselves and with knowledgeable people, we picked out about 30 varieties to grow.  We learned a lot our first year growing them.  The biggest lesson is that we didn’t grow enough.Thyme-red-creeping

During the summer, we planted some of the few leftovers in one of the flower beds here at the office.  As most of you will remember, last summer was pretty brutal around here with the heat and lack of rain.  Due to my travel schedule, the flower beds were not watered as often as necessary (my wife is in charge of keeping them watered).  Plus we like to see how much punishment some of the new stuff can take.  (We are currently seeing how much neglect two Plentifall Pansy containers can take).

We learned more about the Stepables® from that trial and pared this years list down to 27 Stepables®. Based on the ones we trialed through the summer, here are the five that I think are best for the South.  This list is so small that we did not have any left of the others to trial.Mazus reptans Alba

  1. Wooly Thyme
  2. Veronica Georgia Blue
  3. Elfin Thyme
  4. Creeping Wire Vine
  5. Mazus Alba

Based on what we learned growing the Stepables®, here are five varieties that will do well as long as they are grown in shade and kept watered.

  1. Variegated Pennywortleptinella x platts black 5
  2. Irish Moss
  3. Scotch Moss
  4. Miniature Brass Buttons
  5. Platt’s Black Brass Buttons

For more information on Stepables® go to or visit our Stepables® page.

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