Miniature Brass Buttons

Miniature Brass Buttons

Miniature Brass Buttons (Leptinella gruveri) has tiny serrated leaves  and sends out runners above ground and under, to form a rugged, thick carpet of green. This plant is so dense that it can withstand car traffic 1-2 times a day. Miniature Brass Buttons is an exceptional plant to use as a lawn replacement, between pavers or around slate as well as being great over flowerbulbs or surrounding ferns as well.  Brass Button plants grow best when the soil is kept evenly moist that is to say – Don’t let them dry out!

Size: #4 True

Spacing: Plant 4″ apart.

Height: Tight to the ground

How To Grow: Plant in full shade to morning sun (part shade).

Foot Traffic: Heavy

Hardy Zones: 7,8,9,10

Tips: Miniature Brass Buttons will require more shade and water in the south but also can be evergreen in temperate climates or protected areas.  It is also tolerant of humidity.

Uses: A ground cover in and around Patios, Pathways,  Ponds, Pools, Borders, Lawn Substitute


(information provided by and top picture © 2011 Under A Foot Plant Co. Bottom production picture © Parks Brothers Farm, Inc.)

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