Irish Moss

Sagina subulata Irish Moss

Irish Moss (Sagina subulata) is one of our most popular plants! This beautiful ground cover has dense tufts of slender stems which grow together to form a lush carpet of green. Small, star-shaped, white flowers completely cover Irish Moss in spring.  This plant is an excellent choice for woodland areas, along streams, on small slopes or around ponds and water features.

Size: #4 True

Spacing: Plant 12″ apart.

Height: Tight to the ground.

How To Grow: Plant in morning sun to full shade (especially full shade in the south)

Foot Traffic: Heavy

Hardy Zones: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Tips: Ideal as a groundcover, terrific between rocks and stones, and does best in full shade during the summer.  Also don’t let Irish Moss get too dry.

Uses: A ground cover in and around Patios, Pathways,  Ponds, Pools, Borders

(information provided by and picture © 2011 Under A Foot Plant Co.)

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