Little Star Creeper Pratia

Little Star Creeper Pratia

Little Star Creeper (Pratia pedunculata) has pale blue blooms and is a very tiny green creeper that grows just as well on top of the ground as it does underneath. Use between pavers, around roses or hanging over a wall. This little perennial performs well in any circumstance. Little Star Creeper can handle an incredible amount of foot traffic and will bloom and bloom.

Size: #4 True

Spacing: Plant 8″ apart.

Height: Tight to the ground.

How To Grow: Plant in morning shade to full sun.

Foot Traffic: Heavy

Hardy Zones: 8,9,10

Tips: Try Little Star Creeper as a lawn substitute.

Uses: A ground cover in and around Patios, Pathways,  Ponds, Pools, Borders

(information provided by and picture © 2011 Under A Foot Plant Co.)

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