Still Plugging Away At It–Availability Update for May 25, 2015

6in red canna 5-21-15Hello everyone,

First off, we will be closed Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day.

We are still plugging along and have product available. Most of what we have left are the heat loving types of annuals and premium annuals that do well in the summer. Despite the fact that the lows have been in the 50’s the last two nights, summer is coming and these are the plants you need.

We are running low on some of the popular J6, 1801 annuals and the #4.5 premium annuals. However, we still have a lot of plants available. We hope the rain slacks off soon and that there are still a lot of customers looking to finish up their gardens in the next few weeks.

Also we might be willing to negotiate on some products that we have a lot of if you were inclined to take a quantity worthy of negotiations so be sure to ask your sales rep about it.

Here is a look at some of what we have left:

1gl colocasia 5-21-15 691gl colocasia 5-21-15 701gl ferns and daylilies 5-21-151gl hosta and daylilies 5-21-151gl lantana 5-21-151gl mandevilla 5-21-15 881gl mandevilla 5-21-15 901gl sundenia mandevilla 5-21-151gl sunpatiens 5-21-15 041gl tropical hibiscus 5-21-15 871gl tropical hibiscus 5-21-15 89premium annulas 5-21-15 43premium annulas 5-21-15 44premium annulas 5-21-15 47

1qt PW blue my mind evolvulus 5-21-151qt PW raspberry blast petunia 5-21-151qt PW vista bubblegum petunia 5-21-154.5in angelonia 5-21-154.5in bacopa 5-21-154.5in gerbera daisy 5-21-154.5in lantanas 5-21-154.5in mexican heather 5-21-154.5in purslane 5-21-154.5in scaevola 5-21-154.5in succulents 5-21-154.5in sweet potato vine 5-21-154.5in zonal geraniums 5-21-15 954.5in zonal geraniums 5-21-15 966in caladiums 5-21-15 736in caladiums 5-21-15 746in confetti gardens 5-21-156in cora cascade vinca 5-21-156in cora vinca 5-21-156in kong coleus 5-21-15 846in kong coleus 5-21-15 856in nu mex easter ornamental pepper 5-21-156in ornamental peppers 5-21-156in wave petunias 5-21-156in yellow canna 5-21-151801 caladiums 5-21-15 751801 caladiums 5-21-15 761801 caladiums 5-21-15 771801 caladiums 5-21-15 78

10in bskt ipomoea 5-21-1510in bskt red dragonwing begonia 5-21-1510in bskts 5-21-15 2710in bskts 5-21-15 5210in dragonwing begonia 5-21-15 7210in impatien bskt 5-21-1512in bskt calibrachoa 5-21-15 6712in bskt combo #2512in bskt combo #2612in bskt combo #22 0112in bskt combo #22 0212in bskt combo #2212in bskt combo #1212in bskt combo #1812in bskt combo #2712in bskt combo #912in bskt combo #2312in bskt combo #812in bskt combo 5-21-15 7912in calibrachoa 5-21-15 7812in calibrachoas 5-21-15 0712in confetti 5-21-15 1012in lantna bskt 5-21-1512in mix ipomoea bskts 5-21-1512in scaevola lantana bskts 5-21-1512in ferm 5-15-15 712in lantana mix 5-15-15 1012in periwinkle 5-15-15 312in periwinkle 5-15-15 912in purslane 5-15-15 312in purslane 5-15-15 412in purslane bskt 5-21-15

The rest of our veggies may be tall but the Peace Farm Organics are looking pretty good.

4in peace farm organics 5-21-15 024in peace farm organics 5-21-15 03

12in deco grypon begonia 5-21-1512in deco pentas 5-21-1512in deco red dragonwing begonia 5-21-1512in deco sunpatiens 5-21-15 0512in decos 5-21-15 0812in oval succulent bowls 5-21-1512in succulent bowls 5-21-15

1801 ageratum 5-21-15 171801 begoinas 5-21-15 791801 begonias 5-21-15 211801 impatiens 5-21-15 191801 impatiens 5-21-15 201801 plumosus fern 5-21-151801 vinca 5-21-15 161801 zinnias 5-21-15 831801 zinnias 5-21-15 84J6 begonias 5-21-15 24J6 begonias 5-21-15 25J6 red celosia 5-21-15J6 celosia 5-21-15J6 coleus 5-21-15J6 dusty miller and gomphrena 5-21-15J6 impatiens 5-21-15 28J6 impatiens 5-21-15 29J6 vinca 5-21-15 30J6 vinca 5-21-15 31

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