Strawberries, Cole Crops and Young Plants

It’s getting close to time to plant cole crops and strawberries.  Several local garden shops have already picked up a few flats to have on hand for those early bird gardeners.

bunching-onions2 We also have some onions ready in 1204 and #4.

The color on the annuals are coming on slowly which is a good thing.  We have some color showing in snapdragons and verbena, but not in anything else.  I don’t expect to be shipping any thing for another couple of weeks.

I took a few pictures yesterday while I was out walking around.  Here are some young begonia and fuchsia baskets.

begonias fuchsia6

Dragonwing begonia plugs and freshly planted Kong coleus.

dragowing-begonia-plugs kong-coleus

Young mandevilla and Stepables in production.

mandevilla stepables6

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