Persian Shield Strobilanthes

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Persian Shield Strobilanthes has actually been popular since the Victorian Era with it’s beautiful shimmering, purple, lance-shaped leaves and shrub-like habit. The leaves have dark green veins running through the iridescence which lends a quilted look to them.  

This native of Myanmar (formerly Berma), thrives in humidity.  Strobilanthes gets tall pretty quickly and may fall over so it may be necessary to pinch the plant back to promote a more bushy habit.

Plant Persian Shield Strobilanthes in mixed containers, baskets, window boxes, or in the landscape.  Like most plants, the size of the container may help determine how big this plant will get.

Persian Shield needs pruning often to keep their shape and to prevent the appearance of being leggy. Keep soil moderately moist, but well-drained. For the best color, plant them in part to full shade.

Plant in part sun to full shade 24″ to 36″ apart. Grows 24″ to 36″ tall.

We grow Persian Shield in our #4.5 Premium Annuals size.

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