Succulents – Alien Invasion

image Let’s face it.  Succulents are just plain cool.  They look like alien flora from another galaxy.  They’ll grow just about anywhere (some even grow without soil), and since they can survive missing a few waterings even the most absent-minded gardener can grow succulents.

We trialed some succulents last year and loved them so we adding in a line of succulents to our production this spring.  Here is a list of what we are growing.

Also here are some links to some interesting ideas on how and where you can plant succulents in your garden.  Thanks to Bill ( for theses links.

Exciting and Unusual Container Plant Combinations

Thrift Store Succulent Storage

Here are a few more links for you:

The Succulent Plant Page

A Succulent Life

Sensational Succulents

Cactus Blog

I’m still not convinced that succulents are intelligent life from space sent to take over the earth.  They have a strong foothold in the greenhouses where we earthlings are duped into providing them the perfect environment with food and water for propagation. 

Maybe I’ve been watching too much V.

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