Summer Has Arrived–Availability Update for June 15, 2015

We are at that point where we have some of a few item, a few of some items and a whole bunch of a handful of items. You’ll have to look at the availability to see which is which.

We have been going through and cleaning up the houses and getting anything that is bad out. It’s hard to keep up with so I should warn you that the inventory numbers are most likely off by at least a little bit. Some items may be off by quite a bit. I am watching, having them turning in counts on what they dump and doing some counting too. If there is something you absolutely have to have, you better get one of us to make sure it’s still there.

This week I’d suggest the PW Blue My Mind Evolvulus, the hibiscus, mandavillas and dipladenias, succulent bowls and begonias, lantanas, scaevolas and vinca in any size. All of those items still look really good and have good shelf lives if you don’t drowned them when you water. The rest look good too but those would be my top picks if I were to only want to bring in some smaller numbers next week.

Hope that helps.

1801 bronze mix begonias 6-12-151801 red bronze begonias 6-12-151gl pretty pink mandavilla 6-12-151gl tropical hibiscus 6-12-151qt PW blue my mind evolvulus 6-12-151qt PW silverberry petunias 6-12-154.5in double impatiens 6-12-154.5in pink pentas 6-12-154.5in purslane 6-12-154.5in scaevloa 6-12-154.5in strobilanthes 6-12-154.5in succulents 6-12-154.5in white lantana 6-12-154in peace farm organic tomatoes 6-12-156in cora cascade vinca 1 6-12-156in cora vinca 6-12-1510in cora cascade vinca bskts 6-12-1510in dragonwing begonia bskt 6-12-1510in impatiens bskts 6-12-1510in lantan bskts 6-12-1510in swedish ivy bskt 6-12-1512in decos 6-12-1512in dragonwing begonias decos 6-12-1512in gryphon begonia decos 6-12-1512in lantana decos 6-12-1512in penta decos 6-12-1512in scaevola lantana combo bskt 6-12-1512in succulent bowls 6-12-15caladiums 1801 and 6inJ6 green leaf begonias 6-12-15J6 new look red celosia 6-12-15J6 pacifica orange 6-12-15J6 portulaca 6-12-15really really tall colocasia

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