Summer Is On The Way

We had a little taste of summer this week then more rain and cooler temperatures. The weather is perfect for planting even though it may be a little damp out there.

With all the rain there may be some people who have not planted their garden this year (like me). We still have tomatoes, vegetables and some peppers available.


We also have some Memorial Day planters ready and more coming on.

memorial-day-planter memorial-day-planter1

Here is a look at the color that is still available.

accents begonias

caladiums celosia

coleus deco-combos

hostas impatiens-4in

petunias purslane-baskets

streptocarpella succulents

sunpatiens sweet-potato-vine

vinca4 vinca5

vinca-cora-cascade-basekts wave-petunia-baskets


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