Summer Is Still Here–Availability Update for September 8, 2014

8in whte mum 5 9-5-14Summer is still hanging around but the fall color is ready to go. Some of the J6 pansies were not in inventory this week because they still had a lot of dirt showing in the flats. This is why some of the numbers were lower than others. In most of those cases those numbers have been added back in to be ready on Monday. There are still a few items that smaller and not available yet.

All the blooms went bad on our petunias the night before last. My best guess is that it got cool enough for the fans to kick off during the night and trapped a lot of humidity in the house which melted the blooms. We picked all the blooms off both the bad and the good and left the buds. I didn’t take any pictures of them because they didn’t have any color but they are covered in buds and should be in full color by Monday.

Almost everything else is pictured below. We didn’t take pictures of each color of pansy so be sure to look at the future or current availability to see everything we have.

The weather forecast looks like it will cool down next week so be sure to get your orders in early. I am not sure how long our inventory will last.

These first two pictures below are to show you the difference between the Panola Jewels N Jazz Mix (left) and the Panola Clear Mix (right). I think I like the Jewels N Jazz better.

J6 Jewels n jazz mix panola 9-5-14J6 clear mix panola 9-5-14

J6 crimson dianthus 9-5-14J6 dianthus 9-5-14J6 dusty miller 9-5-14J6 beaconsfield panola 9-5-14J6 colossus blotch mix 9-5-14J6 colossus mix pansy 9-5-14J6 colossus pansy 9-5-14J6 delta lavender shades pansy 9-5-14J6 matrix blotch red pansy 9-5-14J6 matrix morpheus 9-5-14J6 matrix orange pansy 9-5-14J6 panola purple 9-5-14J6 pansy 1 9-5-14J6 pansy 2 9-5-14J6 pansy 3 9-5-14J6 pansy 4 9-5-14J6 pansy 5 9-5-14J6 pansy 6 9-5-14J6 sorbet purple viola 9-5-14J6 violas 9-5-14

We have a lot of color out on our snapdragons. Also please note that the 1801 inventory will have 2 crops in it starting Monday (9-8-14). The second crop has Color on the Yellow and Buds/Light Color on everything else.

J6 snapdragons 9-5-141801 rose snapdragons 9-5-141801 yelow snapdragons 9-5-14

We also have J6 vegetable cabbages and other cole crops for your fall gardens.

J6 red cabbage 9-5-14J6 early jersy cabbage 9-5-14J6 flat dutch cabbage 9-5-14J6 brussels sprouts 9-5-14

Our #6 ornamental cabbages are ready to go with all the mums that we have ready now. As you can see from the pictures, some of the mums have a lot of color and some are Cracking or have Light Color. Once we started shipping good next week, we will work through the color fast. In my opinion, I think we will ship out faster than the mums will bloom and will get to where we only have Cracking Color available.

6in red ornamental cabbage 9-5-146in white ornamental cabbage 9-5-148in bronze mums 1 9-5-148in bronze mums 2 9-5-148in purple mums 18in purple mums 2 9-5-148in purple mums 3 9-5-148in red mums 1 9-5-148in red mums 29-5-148in white mums 1 9-5-148in white mums 2 9-5-148in yellow mums 1 9-5-148in yellow mums 2 9-5-148in yellow mums 3 9-5-14

12in bronze mum 5 9-5-1412in bronze mums 1 9-5-1412in bronze mums 2 9-5-1412in bronze mums 3 9-5-1412in purple mums 1 9-5-1412in purple mums 2 9-5-1412in red mums 1 9-5-1412in red mums 2 9-5-1412in tricolor mums 1 9-5-1412in tricolor mums 2 9-5-1412in white mums 1 9-5-1412in yellow mums 9-5-14

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