Sunshine and Warm Days Finally!

We are finally getting the sun and warmer days that we need. Nights around here are still pretty cool but we have some cool plants to go with them. Farther south, it’s a lot warmer, and we have the warmer plants for there too.

The #4 basic annuals, 1204 annuals and J6 annuals along with the #6 Waves and Geranium baskets are probably the best looking items we have now. Combo deco pots and baskets are getting close. There are a few on the availability. The Herbs and Vegetables look great too. Lots of items are really close to being ready but need another week to fill out and color up.

Availability – avail-03.14.11

combo-deco7 dusty-miller

impatiens inca-marigolds

portulaca snapdragons

strawberries irish-moss

sprouting-caladiums This is one of our caladiums houses that is in the process of sprouting. There was a shortage of caladium bulbs this year so I suggest stocking up when they are available.

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