white bacopa

Bacopa (Sutera) is a wonderful mounding, trailing annual that provides a lush display of green heart shaped foliage mingled with small flowers of blue, pink and white.

Bacopa has dainty, star-shaped blooms. In the center of each bloom is a yellow eye. Bacopa is a wonderful trailing annual that provides a lush display of green heart-shaped foliage mingled with delicate flowers.

Bacopa’s mounding habit and continuous blooms ensure a uniformed look through out the spring and summer. They perform best in hanging baskets, planters, and window boxes where they can show off their trailing habit down the sides of the containers.

Bacopa can tolerate cool temperatures. It is a moderately drought tolerant plant that does not require deadheading. Their blooms attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators.

Plant in full sun to part sun 12-20″ apart. Grows 2-5” tall.

We grow Sutera Bacopa in our $4.5 Premium Annuals size. Colors include Blue, Pink and White.

We also grow Snowstorm Giant Snowflake in out Quart Proven Winners line. Giant Snowflake is a vigorous variety with large blooms.

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