SweetSunshine Double Petunia

double petunia sweetsunshine magenta sky © ball

Petunia SweetSunshine Magenta Sky is the first double petunia with the popular “sky” pattern. The blooms are semi-double to fully double and are speckled with small white spots similar to a night sky. The blooms are durable and hold up well in all types of weather.

SweetSunshine Petunia plants have a mounded, trailing habit which makes them ideal for hanging baskets. They have medium vigor and do not grow out of control.

Plant or hand in part-sun to full sun. Space 20-30″ apart. Grows 10-16″ tall and 20-30″ wide.

Petunia SweetSunshine Magenta Sky is available in our #10 Hanging Basket size category.

sweetsunshine magenta sky double petunia © ball
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