Plugs And Planting

We are planting a lot of plugs now. This time of year we are running at full planting mode. We got in 98,000 cuttings and liners this week and probably planted that many or more plugs. We do almost all of our own seed and

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Early Plantings

We starting our early plantings a couple of weeks ago and are now gearing up for non-stop planting.  We’ll soon be planting all day long all week long and a few Saturdays too if we get behind.  We’ve got a good crew so I don’t

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Pansy Plugs and More

Our first pansy plug order arrived Saturday from Tagawa Greenhouse.  They have the best pansy plugs around.  We got them unloaded and planted part of them today at one location.  We will finish planting the ones pictured below tomorrow.  We planted some #4 Snapdragons last

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