The Mum Chronicles

The Mum Chronicles 2.8

The mums look 100 percent better than they did a month ago. They are nice and green and have new root development. We finally found out that the Fafard soil we used did not have a starter charge of nitrogen and other nutrients. A starter

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The Mum Chronicles 2.6

It is freakin’ HOT! Most of the  mums greened back up over the weekend and are looking better.  Our biggest concern now is the extremely hot temperatures.  When it gets hot, the roots at the edge of the pots literally cook or burn.  When the

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The Mum Chronicles 2.4

After the planting is done, the main job left on the mums is the watering.  Paul and Charley, the ‘brothers’ in Parks Brothers, used to be row crop farmers so to water our mums we use the same irrigation setup they used when they farmed-with

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