Taking A Breather

I guess everyone took a breather this week. We were busy but not as busy as last week. We talked to a lot of people across the central U.S. and heard the same thing. Retail sales apparently slowed down last week and weekend. Sales were steady but not what was expected. Some rainy weather also contributed to the drop.

I’ve been sitting here off and one for about a half an hour trying to come up with something to talk about and have not had any luck so that’s all you get this week.

While having a chance to catch up on some stuff that we were behind on around the farm and also getting to go home before dark was nice, I am looking forward to going gangbusters next week, and we have the plants for that.

Our #8 Square planters look great and the Bacopa baskets are nice and full.

#8SQ-planters bacopa-baskets-1

color-bowls-14in begonias-4in-2

caladiums caladiums-strap-leaf

Lots of Calibrachoas in several sizes are available in mixes and solid colors. Mix only in the deco pots.

calibrachoa calibrachoa-deco

We are getting down to the last of our #12 Confetti Garden baskets.

confetti-baskets-12in5 confetti-baskets-12in6


The Cora Vinca is more resistant to phytopthora (did I spell that right?) and we have both the Cora and Cora Cascade in #6 pots.

cora-vinca-6in cora-vinca-2


Dahlinova Dahlias have nice color and the Dragonwing Baskets are huge.

dahlias-4.5in dragonwing-basket

Fresh Look Celosia is both bright and tough. The Rose Splash Geraniums have been popular this year.

fresh-look-celosia-4in geranium-6in

The Caliente Geraniums baskets and the #4.5 Gerbera Daisies both look awesome

geranium-basket gerbera-daisy-4.5in

Lots of impatiens to choose from.

impatiens-1204 impatiens-J6

Kong Coleus and Lantanas

kong-coleus-6in lantana-4.5in

#4.5 Mexican Heather (Cuphea) and Osteospermum

mexican-heather-4.5in osteospermum-4.5in

New Guinea Impatiens with good color in deco pots, #4.5 pots and hanging baskets.

new-guinea-deco68 new-guinea-impatiens-4.5in


Sweet Potato Vine and Ornamental Peppers – great for accenting foliage plus you get the added color for the peppers when they ripen.

sweet-potato-vine-4.5in ornamential-peppers-6in

All our hanging baskets look great.

fuchsia double-wave-petunias-1

periwinkle-basket purslane-basket


We still have a good selection of Stepables.

stepables taishan-orange-marigolds-6in

Sunpatiens with good color.

sunpatiens-1gal sunpatiens-12in-deco

Trailing Petunia Combo baskets

trailing-eptunia-combo-basket-12in-1 trailing-eptunia-combo-basket-12in-3


#8 Wave Medleys

wave-medley-75 wave-medley-79


Veggies for those who are just now getting around to planting their gardens.

watermelon-4in-charleys-veggies peppers-1204

tomatoes-1204 tomatoes-4in-charleys-veggies

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