Tattoo Vinca

Tattoo Vinca are uniquely colored vincas that can add excitement to containers and landscapes. Bold, tropical colors capture the attention of anyone passing by. It is by far the most unique Vinca available.

Vinca has glossy green foliage. It has large, 2 inch blooms on bushy plants. They produce an abundance of brilliant yet durable flowers making it an easy-to-grow favorite. Tattoo blooms look like they have been individually painted with soft, dark strokes. Bloom color is brighter and contrast better with more sun and warm temperatues. Shade or cool temps with mute the colors.

They are commonly known as periwinkles. As a drought tolerant, heat-loving plant, it is always a good choice for any full sun flower bed or landscape planting.

Vinca are very low maintenance plants and will take a lot of abuse and neglect. They do not need deadheading or pinching to maintain bloom and form.

Plant in full sun 6-8″ apart. Tattoo Vinca will grow 10-14″ tall.

We grow Tattoo Vinca in our #4.5 Premium and in #12 Deco Pot sizes.

The colors we produce in the #4.5 Premium are Black Cherry, Blueberry, Papaya, Raspberry and Tangerine. In the #12 Decos we grow the same colors except for Papaya. We do not sell the #12 Decos by color.

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