Butterflies love our plants!


Our cabbage and kale are beautiful!

#6 cabbage red 10-16-14#6 kale white 10-16-14#8 kale chidori red 10-16-14#8 kale peacock red 10-16-14#8 kale peacock white 10-16-14

Check out these baskets!

#10 basket pansy cool wave mix (2)#10 basket pansy cool wave mix (3)#10 basket pansy cool wave mix#10 basket wave petunia 10-16-14 (2)#10 basket wave petunia 10-16-14

Look at these lovely bedding plants!

J6 dianthus white 10-16-14J6 pansy colossus blotch yellow 10-16-14J6 pansy colossus whitepurple wing 10-16-14J6 pansy delta beaconsfield 10-16-14J6 pansy matrix clear yellow 10-16-14J6 pansy matrix light blueJ6 pansy matrix orange 10-16-14J6 pansy matrix true blue 10-16-14J6 viola yellow duet 10-16-14

The latest availability contains all the plants we have for the fall season.  Order yours before we run out!

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