The Greenhouse, Mums and Garden

I think it is all over.  The heat for the last couple of weeks has taken the wind out of the plant sales around here.  The temps have been cooler this week but even with the cooler weather none of the garden centers want anything.  We have been selling a little to our landscape pickup customers though.

On the bright side, the cooler weather is great for our mum cuttings.  We stuck them last week, and they have already developed quarter inch roots.  I think that this is the fastest that I have ever seen the cuttings develop roots.  Next week, we will pinch a few of the varieties that need it, but for most of them we will go with a no pinch. 

new-greenhouse-top A few years ago, we built an retractable roof shade house to grow late spring, summer and fall crops in.  Unfortunately for the last 2 years we have not had much luck with growing crops out there due to the excessive rain we have received.  It’s not that we got a lot more rain than average but when we did get the rain, it rained 4” to 9” per storm.  We lost three different crops to the excessive rain.  So we are now in the process of putting a top over part of the house so that we can utilize it to its full potential.  We are only topping part of it so that we can still have the natural ventilation that the open roof and sides offer.  We should be done with that in about 4 weeks.

Charley has got a nice looking garden going along with a couple of acres of sweet corn.  If you want you can follow along with the gardening here.  We planted one of almost all the tomatoes we grew in the Charley’s Veggies line in the garden to do some trials on which ones are the best.  I am looking forward to trying some of the heirlooms. 

That’s all for this week.  Here are some pictures of what we have left in the greenhouses.

begonias  cora-cascade-vinca

geraniums  hibiscus

purslane  zinnias

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