The Last of the Pansies and Mums

Things are winding down here, but we still have some pansies available.  Despite our best efforts, we ran out of some of the more popular colors before everyone got what pansies they needed.

Please, let us know if you needed more of certain colors and when you needed.  The more information we have from you, the better job we can do in providing all you fall bedding plant and mum needs.  We will be contacting a lot of you in late October or early November to talk to you some more about your fall annual needs.

Here is the lastest availabilityoct17.

Keep in mind that we are selling on these numbers all day today.  I will post an updated ready list first thing Monday morning.

In the meantime, here is a link to Sara’s Greenspace Blog and a poll of Growers and Garden Centers about the current economic situation.  From what we are seeing here, there seems to be very strong demand for mums and pansies on the wholesale side of things now.  Anecdotal reports from the retail side suggests that retail sales are down some from last year especially in September.  This could be due to the weather.  Overall demand is strong on the wholesale side which should translate into strong retail demand.

I just wish we had the product to supply it.

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