The Mum Chronicles 1.3

Lots of stuff happening today. The first batch of mum cuttings are looking great. It was in the mid 90’s here yesterday so we had to keep spraying the cuttings about every thirty minutes.

Here is a pic of how our automatic water boom sprays the mums.

Below some shots of what the cuttings look like in general.

The cuttings have started to develop roots now so we were able to go with out watering them all night last night. What we do is have someone (either me or this other guy) come back about 8:30 or 9:00 p.m and turn the boom off. You have to look close but this is what the new roots look like:

Our second shipment of mum arrived today from Grolink. Unlike Yoder they arrived on the correct day. However, we are missing at least 3 boxes of cuttings, and Grolilnk made some massive unapproved substitutions. In particular they subbed 5600 cuttings of a yellow variety that I really don’t want. We will have to decide this afternoon if we want to replace them with something other than what they sent if we can find any available.

This is another video of the planting the mum cuttings. The video quality is OK but for some reason it really looks bad after I upload it to YouTube. No idea why. I need to get a better camera.


In addition to getting the mum cuttings in and stuck, we also have a crew preparing the fields for planting. They have to go through each field and clean off all the grass and weeds; repair the roads; patch the ground cover and nail it back down if it has blown loose; and make sure all the irrigation lines are ready.




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